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Airedale Terrier Picture

February 25, 2012

a story by English Bulldog

I am going to attend birthday of my best friend - Smooth Collie. I wanted to gift her something special. I know, that collie likes a one dog movie. It is a historical drama called Three Muskairdales. Since my short haired friend saw this movie, she began to collect photos and posters with dogs of airedale terrier breed. That is why an idea to gift collie an original airedale terrier picture came to my mind. But where to find such dog gift?

airedale terrier picture

I thought a little, and went to the shop Dog Postcard. There were many postcards with dogs of different breeds. I found a few black and white airedale terrier photos. But I did not like it. Dogs looked too old fashioned there.
Dissapointed, I went to the next shop. It was called Oscar for Dalmatian. Owner of this shop, dalmatian nicknamed Great, always dreamed to become famous dog actor. But it turned out to be a hard task. Then he decided to sell photos of dog celebrities.
I asked, if he had a pretty airedale terrier picture. Owner said:
- I am sorry, miss Bulldog. Yesterday a one noble st. bernhard came and bought everything with this breed depicted. He said, that he will use photos, as theater decorations. Probably, this st. bernhard is a famous dog director. I have seen his snout somewhere...
But I hadn't time for listening to dalmatian and went to the frog market. It was my last opportunity to buy an airedale terrier gift for my friend. Once a year all frogs of the Kingdom come to our dog county to offer their products. You can buy anything there!
For example, last time I bought there a unique collectible pug figurine. And here is what I say to you: this time our green brothers helped me again. I found a very beautiful airedale terrier picture there. It was a portrait of noble sir in a musketeer hat. I couldn't imagine the better gift! I spent the whole day searching, but what to not to do for the best Collie friend.

© Written by Julia Pishvanova


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Portrait of Airedale Terrier was created by the artist Maria Pishvanova