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Animal Century Art Collection

February 08, 2012

Visit the Royal Gallery and explore the art collection of Animal Century Kingdom!

The collection comprises more than 270 portraits of dogs, cats and other animals dressed in fine clothing designed by the artist Maria Pishvanova.

Over 120 dog and cat breeds appear on portraits in their whole beauty. The natural manner and special attitude, with which the artist portrays them, make these paintings inimitable.

Whether your pet is a sweet princess, a noble lord, a charming lady or a brave officer - browsing through the Royal Gallery, you will find a portrait, that matches your pet’s image exactly!

Pug the Viking, Chihuahua the Pirate and Mr. Rabbit Holmes - to name a few, these are animals who live in the magical kingdom of Royal Pets!

Prince Romeo


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Poodle Print

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Dachshund Print

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The painting Kitten in a Boot and the Portrait of Long Haired Chihuahua (Prince Romeo) were created by the artist Maria Pishvanova