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Art Deco Dogs Collection

May 20, 2012

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Famous jewelry brand Sir Bullmastiff presents the new collection, which was totally inspired by art deco dogs. In fact, that is how it's named. In this collection you will find images of beautiful and graceful dog breeds. Engraved on pendants of white gold, they look fascinating! Besides dog portraits, there are also accessoires for dogs, stylised as these pendants. Corgi the Queen already bought the bracelet Pembroke Dream, decorated with Samoyedski chrystals.
By the way, two brands have already collaborated. They are both part of SMD Inc. (Sledge and Molosser Dogs), and together created the dog collection, inspired by pekingese art. Here is what says Mister Samoyed, Chairdog:
- We will continue working with Sir Bullmastiff, as long as celebrating beauty of dogs is our common passion. And there is no better way to capture it, than depicting them in jewelry.
We personally like everything about art deco dogs collection. Good news for admirers of two: next year, these canine chic market's legends present antique dog art collection. Many animals want to be the first to buy this beauty.
- I already put my name on waiting list! - says Lady Italian Greyhound.

Italian Greyhound Art Deco Dogs

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Portrait of Italian Greyhound was created by the artist Maria Pishvanova