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Beagle Portrait

January 02, 2012

Check out addresses below, when you are in the Animal Century Kingdom!

1. Mastino Napoletano the Artist creates beagle portrait in three days. A one photo needed for portraying. The technique is good. The artist is high doggy school educated.
Address: the Studio of Mister Mastino, Gundogs County

beagle portrait

2. Beagle portrait in 2 hours! Professional artist Mister Dachshund. He is experienced in portraying beagles, and paints really fast.
Address: Sidestreet of the Green Greyhound, 5

3. Student of the Bichon Art University, lady Maltese, creates beagle portraits for a low price. Her main occupation is portraying poodles. But also she completed special courses in drawing hound dogs. The ideal mix of quality and low price. For ordering a portrait you should find lady Maltese in the Bichon University, from 3 til 5 am on Thursdays.

4. Curly Coated Retriever with years of experience. Specialised in portraying beagles. If you need a portrait of high quality - then call the gallery Dark Retriever. Price on request.

5. Attention! Beagle portrays beagles! The noble artist of the Animal Century Kingdom is ready to draw a portrait for you, in the abstract dog technique.
Address: Art University of Hound Dogs, the Studio

6. I paint huge portraits for dog castles. Price on request. I portray all dogs, beagles too.
Address: the Studio of Long Haired Dachshund, County of Dachshunds.

7. Pet photograph mister Rottweiler creates art photographs of beagle dogs. His photos are real beagle collectibles.
Address: Gundogs County, studio of Mister Rottweiler

8. I will paint a beautiful beagle portrait for you. You don't believe? Then check it out. Come to my studio!
Address: County of Rabbits, Art School of Mister Rabbit Jr.

© Written by Julia Pishvanova


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