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Beautiful Maltese and Northern Dogs. Part I

December 12, 2011

Beautiful maltese was born on the Southern Teacup Dogs Island, somewhere in the middle of Poodle sea. Little dog had a careless and happy life. It was always very hot on the island, and all dogs wore summer clothes for dogs and big straw hats. Maltese had a very big wardrobe with clothes. There were hawaian dresses for dogs, big sunprotection hats of different styles, and umbrellas, protecting gentle maltese from the burning southern sun.
Lady Maltese loved the island of teacup dogs very much. When she was a puppy, beautiful maltese played with parrots, met monkeys and cought big butterflies. She ate best maltese food with pieces of bananas and pineapples. A rare dog would love it, but Lady Matlese had a special taste. The life of the little dog was wonderful, but once she received a letter from the island's owner - the Ara parrot. He wrote, that the island now is called The Southern Monkeys Island and owned by black gorillas. Now only monkeys are able to live here.

beautiful maltese

All dogs had to urgently immigrate to the other counties of Animal Century Kingdom. Ara the Parrot tendered his bird apologies, and said that laws gave him no alternative.
Maltese cried three days long. She could not believe, that all dogs, and among them herself, have to leave the island.
- For a dog, such as maltese, it is especially hard, - thought she, - for example, ladies Bullterrier and Pekingese would handle the move. Sir labrador and his wife would easily pack their belongings. But me? Gentle and vulnerable maltese! The real lady toy maltese dog!...My sensual maltese heart won't withstand it!
She laid in a pink maltese bed, covering herself with light lace blanket, and listened to the surf of the sea. And it seemed to the dog, that sea waves sang a song to her:

Good bye beautiful maltese,
Far away you'll go...
Good bye pretty little dog
We will miss you so...

And with sadness in her heart, she fell asleep. In her dream she saw many bright birds. They flew over the sea. And among birds she saw... a flying dog. The dog had wings, too - big pink wings. Of course, this strange half-bird was Lady Maltese herself. The winged dog flew right towards the sunset, trying to catch the last rays of sun. What this dream meant to be for beautiful maltese? Farewell to the past or a fly to the unknown future?

beautiful maltese departure

The new day dawned on the island of teacup dogs. It was the day of departure. Maltese collected all her will in her paw and started to pack her luggage. She had so many clothes, that all bags and coffers were not enough. Someone knocked on the door. It was ladies Pekingese and Retriever.
- Dear maltese, you are still not ready? - dogs were surprised.
After observing that maltese dog packed her summer dresses and hats, Pekingese laughed loudly.
- Haha! My dear maltese! Leave all this clothes. Don't you think you will need this dresses? Only maltese can be so naive.
Maltese looked at Lady Retriever inguiringly.
- Don't you know, my dear, - asked retriever, - we are going to the north of our kingdom - Sledge Dogs county. Unfortunately, it is the only county that welcomes dog immigrants now. But don't worry, they promised to give us the best home for dogs, and there is also many entertainment there. For example, skiing...I don't know, what it is, but mister st. Bernhard said, it is very funny.
Beautiful maltese was really doggy horrified. But there was no way back. She left half of her fancy clothes, took for the memory a few issues of Beach Dogs magazine, and her mascot - a little maltese figurine, and hardly keeping her tears unlocked, beautiful maltese left her cosy dog house...

Read about happy maltese and the Sledge Dogs County - in the next part of the story

© Written by Julia Pishvanova


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