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Black Poodle Art

January 27, 2012

Do you know how hard sleepless nights for the dog artist are?
And all because of the one thing - love, that is so strong, so you can not find a way to express yourself in canine artworks, because there is no ideal dog panting, no ideal poem for the lady of your heart.
In this issue we will tell you a story about feelings of dog artist for black poodle. To earn her love, he created one of the most beautiful works of black poodle art...

black poodle art

This is a story about famous Lady Poodle and a one of her cavaliers - mister Westie, the great representative of modern dog art. He became well known for creating poodle art, and can you guess who he dedicated it to? Of course - poodles of a black colour.
Well, everyone thought so. And Lady Poodle, too. She thought, that it is his work, and hundreds of poodle paintings are just art for sale. She did not pay attention, that dogs painted on it are all wearing her clothes. That scenes from famous dog operas he painted are all performed by black poodles with roses on their hats. She just could not understand, that all this standard black poodle art is dedicated to her. Until Westie created a portrait, that made everything clear...
As usual, she went to visit him on the weekend, to see funny poodle pictures, and just have a nice time with her friend. He met her at the door, and barked:
- Dear, I want to show you something...I must say, that this will be one of the most unusual black poodle gifts for you...
- What are you barking about? Are you okay?

As you remember, lady poodle is a very down to earth dog. She doesn't like romance!
- Come with me...
He led her to the studio, where all his paintings were.
- Do you want to show me baby poodle pictures? I am not going to be a dog mother now!
- No, just look at this!

In the centre of the room stood easel with the artwork on it. The most beautiful poodle artwork lady ever seen. She was painted on it...
- You did this just for me...? Not for everyone, like you did other paintings?
- Actually, all paintings I created were for you...

She looked around. At the moment she noticed, that yes, all standard poodle paintings, as she thought before they were, are not like this. It is a pure black poodle art. And she plays the main role!
They drunk some dog tea, barking nothing. Just looking at each other.
When she was to go away, westie gave the portrait to her. He hoped, that maybe she will give a chance to him!
As usual, lady black poodle did not show her feelings, and went out. But when she was on the way home, all dogs passing by could see her doggie smiling...

© Written by Anna Pishvanova


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The portrait of poodle was created by the artist Maria Pishvanova