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Bloodhound Art

January 31, 2012

Today we will tell you about one of noble dogs in Animal Century Kingdom - Bloodhound the Great. To write this article we have read many sources about life of this dog, as long as he doesn't like being interviewed and we could not describe his life, as told by himself. But nevertheless, he is known to be a very important dog in bloodhound art, also for writing his autobiography My Nose is My Art. We will tell some extracts from this book, but mainly let us tell you about this dog, as told by historicians and friends of him.

bloodhound art

Since early puppyhood bloodhound was surrounded with art. As a new born baby he listened to music of Puganini, and watched paintings by classical canine artists, hanging on the wall in his room. His family is of an ancient Hound descent, so the dog was given the best education and raised up in love and attention.
Here is what he writes about his early years:
I am endlessly thankful for my parents for being patient with me. I can not say I was an obedient dog. I don't mean that I was hyperactive, it is not usual for dogs of our breed, but I always wanted to discover things around, so parents could not stop me.
Once, after watching funny bloodhound pictures, I decided to find out, why some of us lose control when smelling something. On that pictures were depicted dogs in funny positions, when focusing on a smell. I did not want to be the same dog, so I had to understand what to do to prevent it.
Parents tried to explain me, that this is our nature, but I did not believe. I went to the centre of a town, and sat there on a bench watching dogs around. Suddenly I noticed a dog of my breed, and it seemed to be sniffing. I came closer, but when it saw me, it ran away. I ran after. Some power seemed to take over me, so I did not even think what I was doing. Just the one idea was in my head - to catch this dog running away. It could be one the greatest bloodhound pics - two of us running. Suddenly the dog stopped. I reached it, and guess what I was asked?
- Why are you stalking me, puppy? Aren't there enough places to find hound art of past animal centuries in our Kingdom? This is my mound, go away!
Then he started to dig soil. And I understood, for what bloodhound dogs of our Kingdom need their noses - for finding ancient art objects. Isn't that amazing? This is our nature, indeed!

studying bloodhound art

Contribution to the Animal Century art, made by this dog is legendary. When became a grown up dog, he went to study arts in Royal College. Very soon he became favorite student of all teachers.
Here is what Mister Foxhound, a professor, tells about him:
When he attended my first lection, I was amazed. He almost took my place, and started to explain to the class, which dog pictures are considered masterpieces and why. He is an unbelievably talented! Focusing on the fact, that his parents are very noble dogs of our Kingdom, it is not surprising. They gave everything to their son, and did not let him to hang around doing nothing.

In the second part of this story we will continue talking about bloodhound art and how our hero helped dog artists to believe in themselves, and also about the love of his life.

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© Written by Anna Pishvanova


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The portrait of bloodhound was created by the artist Maria Pishvanova