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Bloodhound Image

January 31, 2012

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Hello readers of our Gazette, today we continue telling you the biography of Bloodhound the Great. This dog made the great contribution to Animal Century Kingdom. As we told before, since the early puppyhood he was interested in art, and when grew up, he decided to learn arts in the Royal College. There he met his lady - Basset Hound.
Read about how they fell in love, a bloodhound image that became the symbol of their lovestory, and what trials they went through.

bloodhound image

After one year of studying in the Royal College, bloodhound's life changed in a second - he met Her. They learned the same courses, tought by Professor Foxhound. Once, he entered the class, as always hoping to teach professor himself, and saw her sitting at the first desk. Of course, all thoughts about fame left him in a second.
She was a daughter of a well-known dog lawyer of the city, and wanted to become a dog art historian. They immediately became friends.
Here is what bloodhound writes about the lady of his heart in his autobiography My Nose is My Art:
I did not know what the love means before I met her. I thought, that feelings are what I saw on romantic dog pictures, and I laughed at it.
She changed my life. We immediately became friends and could bark to each other for hours. We discussed everything, but mostly art. She turned to be as a very educated dog, I even learnt some facts and ideas from her.
Once, we discussed art of pre-harrierelites. I never liked paintings by this group of dog artists, because they seemed tasteless to me. I told her, that I don't know a one of them who painted a good bloodhound image. She replied with her usual calmness:
- Dear, you are not right. These artists were really importrant residents of Animal Century. Just imagine, how would you have seen all those paintings by your favorite artist, Mister Harrier. He have learnt painting, looking at their works. Look at the colours - they are just the same bright! The one difference is themes - pre-harrierelites painted dog realism, and his works are executed in dogissionism. I will show you not a one, but dozens of great masterpieces by them.
And indeed, when I looked closer at the artworks, I saw their beauty! This is what Basset did to me.
I wanted to tell about my feelings. Many ideas came to my head, but I found all them banal.
After a few months of our friendship a very sad and happy at the same time occassion happened. It could change my life, but I could lost my lady...

bloodhound image for the memory

Lady Basset Hound agreed to tell us the story of difficulties they went through to earn their happiness.
My bloodhound valentine was invited to take part in founding the new town in the southern county of our Kingdom. It had to be the capital of arts in our disctrict, with many art schools and museums. Of course, I felt happy for him. It was the opportunity to build a great career, because he told me about his great plans to open schools for artists, found new cities and more...
I continued studying in the College, and he moved to the construction. During 2 months I received letters from him about how interesting his life was. He sent me pics of puppies, lived in the village nearby, postcards and more...
The last dog postcard I received was a bloodhound image of himself. He had an ancient headwear on, that he found while searching for antique things. In the letter he wrote, that he sends this to me, hoping that I won't forget him. I wrote him back, that he will be always on my mind...
Then he stopped writing. I did not understand, what happened. Was he near, was he far? I felt myself like a stupid dog. I even fell into hound depression. You know, how hard it is...
After a month of silence, I understood, that he forgot me while building his life and his city. No more gifts, no more postcards. The only thing that stayed with me was his image...
A year passed by. I finished my study in the College, and the Royal Museum took me on a practice. They suggested me to conduct tours in the bloodhound art gallery, but I refused, and took pre-harrierelites instead. My broken heart almost healed, but suddenly the dog heartbreaker was back into my life.
He came to my home. I opened the door, and could not believe my eyes. He barked:
- Hello, my dear! I am with you again!
- Bastardog! I don't want to see you anymore! Go, wait!

He started to explain, that post did not worked and he could not come visit me because he was working all the time.
- It does not matter anymore! See, what I will do with your image now!
I was going to tear in up with my teeth. Suddenly he whined:
- I love you, my Lady Basset!
The image fell from my maw down on the floor.
- ...I am sorry for everything I have done and haven't done...I want to be with you forever!
My heart melt...Dog love came back to my heart.
I can not tell everything, what was after, just believe me, that all we have done together is the result of the strongest relationship in the world!

We believe you, basset. Together, these dogs founded the Dog Art University in the St. Hubert city, founded by Bloodhound the Great, and did many contributions to the culture of Animal Century Kingdom.
And the bloodhound image - symbol of their lovestory, now hangs in the main hall of University as a big poster. It remains the same touching and reminds all students of what the real hound power is...

© Written by Anna Pishvanova


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The portrait of bloodhound was created by the artist Maria Pishvanova