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Border Terrier Art

January 11, 2012

a story by Japanese Chin

My friend Lady Border Terrier invited me to her gallery to see the paintings exhibited there. How many examples of border terrier art I saw! Unfortunately, I can not show you images of all works. That is why I recommend everyone, who is interested in terrier art, to come to the gallery of Lady Border Terrier.
And now I will tell you about paintings I remembered the most.

border terrier art

Knight of the Border Order

A painting by an artist Bordie Terriecco was created during period of late middle dog ages. A knight is portrayed on it, and he seems to be of a border terrier breed. But we can not define a dog breed exactly, because a metal helmet hides half of the snout.
When you look at the painting, you firstly notice eyes of the dog. Masculine look, where you can see bravery, admits that the knight is of the terrier descent.

Dancing Borders

Next painting was created in 18th animal century, by the artist Antoine de Bordel. Border terriers are portrayed on it, while dancing joyfully. A very interesting story is behind this painting.
Many years ago some dogs found this work very explicit. It is connected with that the dog count named Pious ruled the Terrier County at the time. He took care of modest border terrier image of residents. Because of that the painting was forbidden to be shown to dogs. But later the count changed his mind and a painting by Bordel was exhibited in the royal gallery of terrier portraits.
Happily, nowadays animal moral is not that strict. We live the way we want. Border terriers, also. But everything was different before. For example, a dog of border terrier breed could not go outside without a headwear. By the way, this rule was followed by dogs of all breeds, and also by cats and chipmunks. The most free morals were held among squirrels...So, that is another story. Let's come back to border terrier art.

Portrait of Lady in a Straw Hat

And in the end I will tell you about the painting I liked the most. It is portrait of an unknown lady border terrier. This masterpiece was drawn by paw of an unknown artist. So, who is the author?
Opinions of terrier art experts does not collide. But there is no border terrier among suggested dog names. Ones say, that it is Terrieno Scotto - a famous scottish terrier art dog. Others think that it was Highland Junior - a dog, who created west highland terrier art. But nobody can exactly say, who is the author of this mysterious portrait.

To see these and other masterpieces of border terrier art, visit the Border T. Gallery (address below).

© Written by Julia Pishvanova


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Address of the Border T. Gallery
The Great Yorkie street, 4
Short Haired City, Terrier County
Animal Century Kingdom
The portrait of border terrier was created by the artist Maria Pishvanova