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Boxer Dog Painting

January 23, 2012

Hello, dogs of the Kingdom! My name is Mister Bordeauxdogge and I will tell you about a boxer dog painting I saw at the Annual Boxer Dog Art Show.

boxer dog painting

Dog, Playing a Flute

Musician dog? It is hard to imagine such a scene. Everybody knows, that dogs sing sometimes. And by the way, they do it very well. But what dogs can hardy do is to play musical instruments. Her Doggesty Corgi the Queen tried to open a musical school for talented dog pianists of Animal Century Kingdom, but the project did not succeed. And here is a flute...
Please tell, is there a dog playing a flute among your friends? So, I won't keep you waiting, and tell the truth now: this boxer dog artwork is executed in the style of animal surrealism, and has nothing in common with music, when looking at it for the first time. There is a dog of boxer breed portrayed, and it holds a big dog bone of orange colour in teeth. What did dog artist mean, when creating such painting? Opinions vary. But the most interesting was told by a molosser biographer Mister Cane Corso:

I do not agree with some dogs, who say that there is nothing behind the name of this painting. I learned the biography of Mister Boxereggo (that is name of the artist) and found some interesting facts.
When Box (that is dog's nickname) was young, he had the one dream - to become the same famous, as his idol, Mister Royal Python. Probably, Box was the one dog who dreamed to be the same as snake in our Kingdom. Already at the time he had an unusual dog mind. Mister Python was the best flute player in our Kingdom. The snake was so talented, that Bloodhound the King himself invited him to play in the Royal Orchestra of Animal Century.

and the boxer dog painting was born...

Following his dream, Boxereggo went to the courses of flute playing and often watched Royal Python live, even though he needed to go to the far away county of reptiles. But nevertheless trying, Box could not observe a musical talent in himself. It made him really sad, so as a remedy he started to draw...
Time passed by, and a failed musician became the great dog artist, whom we know under the name of Mister Boxereggo. Now he is a famous animal in modern dog art. Collectors dream to get a one of his boxer dog paintings. Since many years ago, the artist portrays the only one breed - boxer.
While creating the portrait of Dog, Playing a Flute, the artist followed his traditions. The painting depicts a white boxer with bright blue eyes. When looking close at it, you can see clouds reflected in the dog's eyes. It is an unusual symbol of a dog dream, that did not came true. And in the end, the orange bone...I tried to find out, what a simple dog bone could mean. And suddenly I understood: a flute! Boxereggo never speaks simple dog language, and I made a conclusion. The painting that depicts a dog musician playing a flute means another reality. Reality, where all dreams come true.

It was opinion of a one noble biographer of dog art - Cane Corso. We could explain our personal opinion about this boxer dog paiting. But I would recommend you to trust the expert's opinion.

© Written by Julia Pishvanova


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The portrait of boxer was created by the artist Maria Pishvanova