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Bull Terrier Art

January 08, 2012

Hello to all dogs of the Animal Century Kingdom!
Today I will tell you about one famous gallery of bull terrier art. And you will also read about a one scandalous painting, that really confused me and other residents of our Kingdom. Where you can look at such a painting and why I don't buy dog pop art anymore - I will tell you now.

bull terrier art

Pop Art Dogs Gallery became legendary in our Kingdom long ago. If you are a collector or just want to look at works by Andy Chihua, then come here.
Actually, everything about this gallery is known. I would not even write about it, if there wasn't a painting, that was created not a long ago, and immediately cought attention. The painting is called Why Bull Terrier?
This artwork was purchased by the owner of gallery, Mister Kuvasz, at a dog art show called Golden Bull. The show is held once in 2 years. On this day thousands of animals who love terrier art come to the Bull Type City. Mister Samoyed saw there the painting of his dream, and decided to purchase it, whatever the price is. This masterpiece of art worthed much money for him. And the reason was a scandalous biography of the artist, who created it. His name is Marquise de Samoyed. Every painting by this provocator is created in unusual way. And that time, before painting another work, he filmed on a video, where he answered his own question - why bull terrier?
Of course, everyone dreamed to watch this creative video. But there was an intrigue in that deal. Rumours said, that it could be watched only by a dog, who will become the owner of a painting itself. When have known about it, I went to the gallery of kuvasz, to know, if it is true or not.

strange bull terrier art...

Kuvasz said, that he had no right to tell any information about the painting Why Bull Terrier? I was surprised a little bit. But what else could have done a dog, that dedicated his life to such an unusual thing, as dog pop art?
- But could I just look at the painting? I hope, you won't hide this masterpiece from other dogs' eyes... - asked I.
- What are you talking about, Lady! - answered the dog gallerist. - Each dog, and a one of bull terrier breed particularly, can see THIS. Look at a genial artwork now!
And then I saw a painting in golden frame, hanging on the wall. The first thing I saw was the phrase, written with big dark blue letters in center of canvas. And what do you think this phrase was?
You are right - Why Bull Terrier?
I decided to come closer and look at what else was painted by genious Samoyed the artist. I gazed at it for a long time, but observed nothing looked similar to dog on the painting.
- Mister Kuvasz, please tell, why Marquise de Samoyed painted nothing, but a one phrase?
- Don't ask me about it. This secret can not be told. Never!
- But how do you know this?
- I could not stop.
- How? I bought the painting and now have the right to watch that video, where marquise...Oh no! I had no right to tell you this! How stupid I am!
I was looking at kuvsz, and did not understand, what was happening. He began to bark something loudly and I decided, that the best decision for me is to leave the gallery. It seemed to me, that I knew too much already...
When I was back home, I promised to myself that I will never buy dog pop art again. I don't know, what was told by Marquise de Samoyed in that video, but I know for sure, that nothing interesting. Possibly, that I am not as sensitive dog, as Mister Kuvasz is, but I don't want to waste my dog nerves.
Why Bull Terrier?
This question remains unanswered. But it doesn't matter either for me or for bull terrier art. Upon my dog word.

© Written by Julia Pishvanova


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Address of the Pop Art Dogs Gallery
Stafford street, 6
Bull Type City, Terrier County
Animal Century Kingdom
The portrait of bull terrier was created by the artist Maria Pishvanova