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Lady Pekingese and Carnival Dogs. Part II

December 08, 2011

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Lady Pekingese continued looking at great animal celebration. She wanted to see many carnival dogs around. But who were before her eyes? Beautiful siamese cats were dancing and their hats looked like clouds. And here are kittens. Little and joyful kittens were running around Lady Pekingese and laughed loudly.
- No kittens around me, please! - said Lady Pekingese to herself.
She felt so dizzy, that she could hardly stay. Came out from the captivity of playing kittens, pekingese paid attention to the couple of shynxes, who swam in a gondola in a canal. The gondola was decorated in cat baroque style, and was a real masterpiece of cat art.
- Where is the single one dog? - Lady Pekingese did not understand, and at that moment her eye cought a familiar figure.
This is pug! - Lady Pekingese was endlessly happy.


Lady Pug turned to her and amazed looked at unfamiliar dog.
- What are you doing here in this strange mask? - asked Lady Pug.
- I am not wearing mask! I am just a pekingese without mask...
- Guess, you forgot the main rule for carnival dogs - to wear a mask of other dog breeds. And what is more, today is the carnival night in cat style - so all dogs wear cat masks.
- So now I got it right. It was very strange to me, that there were only cats around me. I even thought, that I came to false city.
- You are in the right city, Lady Pekingese - said Lady Pug, smiling, - I am happy to meet you and save you from the crowd of cat masks.
- Yes, this is horrible. I forgot to buy a carnival mask of cat...or dog. I don't know, what are the rules. By the way, why are you not wearing mask, Lady Pug?
- I am going to the Fair Dogs Party. That is how we jokily call the party, where all dogs are without masks. Come with me, Lady Pekingese. It is a private party, but I invite you.
- With pleasure, Lady Pug! So, let's go!
Fair Dogs Party took place at the palace of Bloodhound King. It was the most beautiful party Lady Pekingese ever seen. All carnival dogs wore venice clothes. Cavalier dogs invited ladies to dance. That evening Lady Pekingese once danced with cavalier de Dachshund and twice with a general de Retriever. She drank a few glasses of Mudi&Shelton champaign, and chatted with italian greyhound sisters and duchess de Toy Terrier. And when the evening was going to end, everyone was given a delicious Basset Robinson ice cream. It was a really nice party!
Lady Pekingese thanked Lady Pug for invitation. They were happy to have met in Venice and became a good friends. Dogs even decided to come back to Animal Century Kingdom on the same dog taxi-plain. But pug forgot that she were to visit a party of pastoral dogs. And Lady Pekingese came back home alone.
On the way she had couples of beautiful carnival dogs dancing before her eyes, dog waltzes were playing and Lady Pekingese knew for sure, that she will remember this wonderful journey forever.

© Written by Julia Pishvanova


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do you like this story? of course, it is a fashionable and chic. and thanks to japanese chin, the representative of bloodhound king in the toy county of our kingdom, we got a very exclusive right to mention here the secret fair dogs party