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Cat Dress to wear at the Ball

December 21, 2011

Today we will talk about cat dress. But it is not a simple dress. You will attend the Ball in it. Oh, have you forgotten? Our Ball is happening soon! And you still don't know, which cat clothing will fit you the best. We will try to help you.
For the first, let's interview some young cats, who are preparing for this occasion.

Hello, dear cats. Please tell, have you chosen the most beautiful cat dress to attend the Ball in?
Korat I have chosen a dress, that emphasizes my slender figure. I want to be the most elegant cat at the Ball, because I dream to be on the cover of the CatStyle magazine.
But will you feel comfortable while dancing a cat waltz?
Persian Yes, that's interesting for me, how Korat the Cat will make difficult dancing moves in such a narrow cat dress? It would be funny to look at for me, personally.
K. Don't worry, my dear Persian the Cat. These dances are not that important. It's you who wear such short dress, that, by the way, doesn't fit you at all. Other persian cats wear much more modest dresses. At your side, I would better think, before going to the Ball in such an indecent look...
P. I don't mind! The main thing is that I won't stand in the corner, like someone, and look at other the more self confident cats, who are dancing happily! Meow!
And what a dress for the Ball have you chosen, Sphynx?
Sphynx I will come to the Ball in a cat suit. I don't like too bright and provocative cat dresses. I think it's not trendy anymore. Cats in lace skirts look funny. See, what British Shorthaired Cat wears! She used minimum 20 kg of cat lace for her dress! That's horrible...
British Shorthaired I always knew, that Sphynx is jealous for me. She is just not too brave to wear such beautiful dress, like I do! I think so.
Balinese I've already booked a cat dress by the best tailor of the Kingdom. I want to look like a real princess! The Ball is a real opportunity to meet the cat prince...
S. I don't want to dissapoint you, dear Balinese, but cat princesses are not beloved anymore. Everybody wants to date independent cats. I am sure, that I will meet at the Ball a nice and joyful cat, who likes clubbing and does sport. And cat princes are not popular among young and modern cats. But among such a boring princesses, like you...
B. I will come to the Ball in a pink dress and pink hat. And when I will become the wife of a cat prince, then I will care nomore, what some jealous cats think about me! And there will be only cats in pink dresses at my cat wedding. And to come in suits is forbidden! Do you understand, dear Sphynx?
S. Meow! Find your prince before. In such a weird dress...
B. S. You speak like an old cats, dissatisfied with life. Everybody at the Ball should dance, sing songs and drink alcohol-free cat champaign. And you think only about marriages...You are not cats, you are...dogs! That's it.
Calm down, dear cats. Your dispute has gone too far...We won't discuss dogs here. It's not polite. You are all beautiful in your way and each of you will find a pair at the Ball. Better tell us about which cat dress you want to wear at the Ball?
Russian Blue I will wear a dress by the brand Cat Flowers and will look like a daisy at the Ball. I am a romatical cat and want to meet my love in butterfly costume there...
B. S. What? Dear Russian Blue, you seem to forget, that it is a Cat Ball, not a flower carnival. Don't you understand, how will other cats fell, accompined by such a strange person?
R. B. Better think of yourself, dame British Shorthaired. I am afraid that a cat prince won't see you under tons of cat lace, that you are going to wear...

It seems that cats will endlessly talk about who will wear the most beautiful cat dress. And if you are going to attend the Cat Ball of the Animal Century Kingdom, then we will help you to avoid such unpleasant conversations.

Next time we will tell you addresses of cat clothing shops, where you would buy chic cat dresses, in which you will look unforgettable, and of course, will meet your cat prince.

© Written by Julia Pishvanova


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