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Colorful Dog Art

March 02, 2012

a story by Lady Akita Inu

During last three months a serie of exhibitions dedicated to black and white animal art was held in our Kingdom. I personally liked an exhibtion of famous photogaph Helmut Newdog called Colorless Dog Life. But to tell the truth, I got a little tired of dark paintings and black and white dog photos. And also I am unhappy with rainy weather and sad snout in the streets...
That is why with a great pleasure I went to the main party of this month, dedicated to colorful dog art!

colorful dog art

This event took place as a protest against everything grey and horrible, that happens in dog life. Here malteses and wolfhounds drink cocktails by Havanese Beach, papillons and bulldogs dance and sing karaoke. I personally saw a caucasian shepherd singing O Sole Mio. Unforgettable show!
By the way, tickets are cheap this year. Because Boxer the Duke asked a one dog to sponsour this event and thanks to it the ticket price is just a one dog bark! Colorful dog art against spring depression!
You may ask me, why art? Because for decorating the interior the most optimistic and joyful dog artists of the Kingdom were invited. For example, mister Brabaçon created a serie of paintings called Spring, Sun, Bark. He used the most bright colors. Such masterpieces are amazingly fits the idea of happy art in Animal Century!
So, dear friends. Get up from you dog beds and run to meet the happiness. The colorful dog art party is held only once a year. But after visiting it, you will get unforgettable impressions and cheerfulness for many months.

© Written by Julia Pishvanova


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Portrait of Akita Inu was created by the artist Maria Pishvanova