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January 21, 2012

We know, you have been waiting for the Royal Animal Century Gallery to open - so, it will happen in a little time!
And until it, we will interview dogs, whose portraits you will see in the gallery firstly. A new one painting will appear in the gallery every day, so we are pretty sure it will be an interesting animal art experience for all of you!
Now read interview with Her Doggesty Welsh Corgi Pembroke the Queen. She agreed to exclusively share with us details of the opening, secrets of artists and what does she think about portrait of herself and corgi art actually.

corgi art

Our Gazette is pleased to talk to Your Doggesty!
Me, too. Who else would tell residents of our Kingdom everything about soon to be opened Royal Gallery? Of course, Animal Century Gazette! And I will help you to provide them with all interesting details.
Corgi Queen, what is the main idea of the gallery? Is it about entertaining?
Firstly, the Royal Gallery is all about traditions of our Kingdom. Through generations we pass love to art, fashion and animals, so ourselves, all other residents.
For example, I personally tought my corgi fluffies - puppies, the history of animal art, traditional fashion rules and how our Kingdom became the wonderful land. So the new opened Gallery is a place, where our residents and guests can explore the beauty and nobility of Animal Century.
How interesting! And whose portraits will be presented there?
Portraits of our animal residents, of course! Over 200 portraits of cats, dogs and all animals, portrayed in the most beautiful clothes! Galleries are divided, and also we will organise thematical exhibitions - for types of dogs, certain breeds and more...It is going to be a real celebration of art, animals and fashion!
Your Doggesty, what do you think about portrait of yourself? Who is the artist?
Don't you know who created this masterpiece of welsh corgi art? She portrayed many residents of our Kingdom - it is Maria Pishvanova!
Oh, we just did not know, because the portrait will be presented for the first time. You could ask some modern chinchilla artist to portray yourself, but you followed classical traditions. Very good, Corgi Queen!
Of course, as I said, our traditions is importrant to me, and to many animals of our Kingdom. Modern artists have their own galleries, where they present modern animal art. I really appreciate it, but the Royal Gallery is all about classical Animal Century art.
And how the portrait was done?
To pose, I took on the most chic dress of mine, a very royal wig, and decorated it with pearls. I was asked to bring some of my welsh corgi merchandise - pocket mirrors and other accessoires with our dog breed, just to create the corgi art athmosphere. So, it worked - the masterpiece was born!
Can't wait to see the portrait! We want to ask an interesting question - will the gallery sell reproductions from portraits, for example, corgi prints?
Of course! The first 8 portaits that will appear in the gallery, will be available to purchase as dog art posters. I must say, that it is a great idea! Just imagine, that you are a corgi like me, and your friend from the County of Rats has a birthday. Isn't it hard to choose from variety of corgi gifts? Instead of thinking, just go to the Royal Shop and buy a dog print. It will be one of the most original welsh corgi gifts - your rat friend would be endlessly happy to hang this masterpiece on the wall at home!
This is a very good idea, Your Doggesty! And what will be the price for these dog, cat and all animal posters? Probably high...
Of course not! Just 18 Animal Century Euros. It is a fair price for an exclusive print from a masterpiece of animal art. Original portraits from the gallery will not be on sale - so, to buy a poster is the way out.
Why it will not be on sale?
Because it is the Royal Gallery, it is our animal culture, just like a museum. But I want to ensure you, that everybody who will visit it will feel like at home - for those, who don't want to leave the gallery, there will be a hotel called At the Palace. An opportunity to feel yourself like, for example, Prince Romeo! I have created a special apartment for welsh corgis - it is decorated with corgi art, and after seeng pembroke and cardigan portraits at the gallery, a visitor will be surrounded by the corgi figurines and other art objects, when came to this apartment for dogs.
Your Doggesty Corgi the Queen, thank you for the interview! Talking to you was so interesting!
I am happy, too. I am full with pride for our Royal Gallery - it is a great place to celebrate animals, art and fashion! I am also proud to be a part of corgi art presented there - I am sure, that everyone will like portrait of myself, and other welsh corgis!

© Written by Anna Pishvanova


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The interview was taken by Lady English Mastiff at the Palace of Animal Century. The portrait of welsh corgi pembroke was created by the artist Maria Pishvanova