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Fashion Pictures of Cairn Terriers

May 25, 2012

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Hey, fancy dogs over there! Today we have a gift for you. Lady Cairn Terrier agreed to talk to us about her jewerly house and fashion pictures of cairn terriers.
This talented dog is known for being an incredible animal artist. Although she doesn't paint, her works are considered masterpieces. Just like portrairs of terriers from the Royal Gallery! You are right, she is a jeweler. Her dog earrings, bracelets and classical collars are worn by the most beautiful dogs of our Kingdom. The reason is not that these jewels are gorgeous. Also, they are all have the precious name - Cairnier. And this is what we will talk about...

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Our journalist Mister Schnauzer met Lady CC in the Cafe of Giant Terriers. It was quite a surprize to see her there. We were surrounded by Airedales, confused looking at us. In such an atmosphere we started our conversation:
Lady Cairn, why did you choose this cafe?
Don't you know that this cafe is very popular among terriers of all sizes? Yes, you may not have noticed, but there are many yorkies here even now.
Yes, now I see. It is very interesting! You seem to know everything about dog fashion.
I think that all animals in our Kingdom are very stylish. Look around, there are so many dandies and ladies! I can not say that my contribution to the world of fancy dogs is big. But I am happy to be the part of it. Especially when I see photos of cairn terriers, wearing collars by Cairnier. I even collect these pics, and soon plan to write a book. There I will describe how I create jewelry, and give some advices on how to wear it. Here the images will fit. In fact, cairn terrier breed was born to be fancy!
We are absolutely agree with you! What haircuts will be in style this summer?
If you are of terrier type, forget about colouring your coat. Only chinese crested dogs are pretty with green hair. Natural cairn terrier colors is beautiful in its' way. Visit the main beauty parlour of our Kingdom, stylists there will choose the best haircut for you. For example, they know pretty well how to groom cairn terrier! I am satisfied with my new image.
Now let's talk about puppies. Yours are grown up now, known as very noble residents of Animal Century.
I am proud of them! When they were little, I did everything to make my dogs happy. Funny cairn terrier gifts, partys. Puppies really liked to have fun! Now my kids are serious dogs. But they are still little to me. Yesterday was a birthday of my daughter, and I presented her a plush cairn terrier toy.
It is nice to see you are an ideal dog mother! Which role plays dog art in your life?
As any other resident of Kingdom, I love dog paintings. I also adore ancient buildings, where lived noble dogs of past animal centuries. I have read many books about cairn terrier art. To appear on a portrait from the Royal Gallery is such a honour!

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Portrait of Cairn Terrier was created by the artist Maria Pishvanova