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My Family Pictures of Yorkie Dogs

May 24, 2012

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There is no boundaries for the dog love! In our life full of troubles we need a hug or fawn every day. I want to tell about those dogs, making me happy. It is my wife and kids - and I will show you my family pictures of yorkie dogs.
Living in Animal Century Kingdom is wonderful. Every weekend we come together and have fun. On working days I am very busy, and can meet my pretty doggies only in the evening. Of course, I try to do my best to be on time. When my kids perform a spectacle in Yorkshire Terrier School, I cancel all meetings. Last time, my coworker Mister Norfolk went to see the performance with me. His puppies are interested only in politics, and don't have time for entertaining. Terrier was amazed! I took many cute pictures of my yorkie dogs, I was really proud of them. I think they will be famous dog actors in the future.
By the way, let me introduce you the whole family. My wife likes to attend dog art and fashion shows. He is a noble ambassador of Happy Art, and also organises events for AA&F foundation. See, she is not a dog who only loves to dress up. In our Kingdom fashion is very important, but we all have to admit that it requires being an animal artist.
Now I will tell you how our love story began. Once, I looked through newspaper and there picture of a yorkie dog.
- What a beautiful lady! - thought I, - I wish I met her someday.
Luckily, it happened soon. We saw each other at the Animal Century Ball. She was wearing a pretty dog dress, and I fell in love instantly. There are many cute yorkshire terriers in our Kingdom, but she was noble to me. I asked my friend of skye terrier breed, if he'd seen her round before. He barked something, while I came up to her saying compliments. Without any doubt I invited her on a date, and she agreed to go. The month after we got married.
Me and my beloved dog have been living together for a year, when she told me:
- I want a yorkie puppy. It is time for becoming dog parents!
We prepared seriously. I wanted to become the best terrier father in the world! When I saw my pretty puppies for the first time, I thought:
- These cute yorkie dogs will be the happiest residents of our Kingdom! I held my promise. Our family in an example of kindness and a pure dog love. We yorkshire terriers are active dogs, pay attention to each other and show love. Visit us in the Terrier county!

Cute Pictures of Yorkie Dogs

© Written by Anna Pishvanova


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Portrait of Yorkshire Terrier and was created by the artist Maria Pishvanova