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Cute Puppy Paintings. Royal Gallery of Puppies

May 15, 2012

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Dear friends, we are excited to present you two puppy paintings from the Royal Gallery! It is portraits of yorkies. There are already dogs of this breed presented, but they all depict grown-ups. Not a long ago in the gallery of lady dogs appeared a portrait of a little lady pug. Visitors really liked it, and asked for more cute artworks. So we present you these two, and also a story told to us by these doggies about their experience of being portrayed...

Yorkie and Puppy Paintings

We hope you found our puppy portraits beautiful. Or pretty. Whatever, the main thing important to us is that your opinion is positive. You know, it is our first time when animal artists paint us. There are many paintings with noble dogs in the gallery. They are all masterpieces of dog art! We have watched them many times. When parents told us that portraits of us will appear there too, we went to look at all paintings again and again. We wanted to fit the whole style, and be the same royal as Corgi the Queen...
Now let us remind you, how puppies were depicted on artworks in past animal centuries. Have you seen the painted puppy on a painting called Lady with her Little Dog? Breed is unknown, we can guess that it is of terrier type. Mother and her daughter, both dressed up in regal clothes. We thought that our portraits will look like this - little dogs looking like grown ups.
But when the time for portraying has came, everything turned out different. Artists told us that we don't have to look like our parents. We have to be natural! So, we did acted our age. And it worked - each puppy artwork is adorable!
Again, we hope you liked this pretty, and a little bit funny dog paintings. Next time artists will do our portraits, we would be no puppies. But that is the other story...

Puppy Painting

© Written by Anna Pishvanova


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Portraits of Yorkshire Terriers were created by the artist Maria Pishvanova