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Dalmatian Art. Interview with Poetess

May 16, 2012

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When this interview was taken, it was rainy outside of Spotted Coach Dog Cafe. But nevertheless, we enjoyed the converstaion about dalmatian art with Lady Poetess. She told us stories of paintings, figurines and other masterpieces of dog art. All dalmatian-kind, of course.
In fact, spotted dogs always have been significant contributors to cultural life of our Kingdom. Directors, writers, models - they all were white with black spots! Now we present you stories by lady dalmatian, whose poems left none dogs of Animal Century indifferent.

Dalmatian Art

Good day! Your poems always warm up our hearts, even on the most rainy days.
Thank you, I really appreciate how residents and guests of animal kingdom like my art. Not a long ago I stood up a fan meeting. We had a good time, discussed modern dalmatian art...
That is what we are here for! Could you please share with us your thoughts...
Of course. What are you interesting in? I am really into everything that happens in dog fine art. There are many animal artists among my friends, they all ask me to rank their dalmatian paintings. For example, rhodesian ridgeback, my friend for many years, showed me an artwork, that amazed me. A painted dog with golden spots!
Sounds like it is very beautiful! Where can we see it?
In the gallery named Firehouse Dog. I own it together with Chihuahua the Pierrot. By the way, we collaborate with him in many ways! Performing songs is our favorite deal. In addition to it, we opened this gallery where are presented artworks by yet unknown dog artists. Famous dalmatian painting called Carriage was firstly exhibited here, in Firehouse Dog.
Great to hear you talking about art. It is absolutely clear, you are a real expert!
Thank you. I would be really happy to meet journalists of Gazette again. I have many more stories to tell...

© Written by Anna Pishvanova


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Portrait of Dalmatian was created by the artist Maria Pishvanova