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Dandy Dogs. Shops and Clubs

January 04, 2012

1. Boutique of dog clothes Labrador Byron offers a great variety of elegant suits by elite dog brands. Real dandy dogs wear our clothes!
Address: English Setter Ave. 95

dandy dogs

2. Private club for dogs Monsieur Beauceron. We invite everybody, who likes dog poker to visit us. Write a personal letter to the club's owner - Dandy Beauceron. And he will figure out, if you are a real dandy dog, and then will send you an invitation.
Address of the club and other information see at

3. We invite all ladies and dandies, who dream to dance, to the studio Dance with Shepherd. We will prepare you to the ARBAC (Annual Royal Ball of Animal Century - author), and just teach dogs to dance. In the program are: classical dog waltz, tango de bordeaux, chow chow chow, latino napoletano etc.

4. Book store Beagles and Books
If you are tired of magazines and dog gossip - then this is a place for you. Here you will find books by classical dog writers: Oscar Whippet, Russian Tols-Toy Terrier, Shakesperke and others. And if you don't know what to choose, then the owner of this shop, Mister Beagle, will give you an advice on which book you will like. Dogs, who love reading, come to us.
Address: Mister Alopekis street, 6

5. Shoes for elegant dogs in the shop Thin Paw. The great choice of Jimmy Chow Chow and Christian Loubouterrier shoes. Elegant dogs buy shoes in the Thin Paw.
Address: Graf de Mastiff street, 58

6. Bar At the Dinmont's
Joy and loud barking til the morning. The bar's owner - dandie dinmont terrier knows how a real dandy dogs should have fun. On Thursday you are offered special prices on dog food. And on Saturdays gorgeous Lady Skye Terrier sings for you.
Address: Portugal Water Dog street, 3

© Written by Julia Pishvanova


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the article is written by Dandy Doberman and Dandy Rottweiler. the post is supplied with portrait of doberman by the artist Maria Pishvanova. thanks to Lady Skye Terrier for providing us with her tour dates