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Dog Art Today. Better than Classics?

May 21, 2012

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Last weekend, I visited two galleries. I wanted to find out, if classical paintings are different from dog art today. Downtown was full with dogs. Some came there to have fun in clubs, others were admirers of dog art. In our land of animals, art and fashion we know, that animal artists are creators of beauty. Since long time ago, we rely on them depicting of Kingdom's life.
First gallery I came to had an exhibition of dogs in art history. Classical canine paintings made me hold my breath! I saw maltese in the image of mermaid; dandy foxhound playing chess; boxer, writing a poem. It is pure whimsical dog art!
Inspired, I went to see what is dog art today in the gallery of contemporary paintings. Actually, they look very bright and therefore interesting to me. But what I really don't understand is abstract dog art. It looks like geometric shapes! Is there anybody who can see a DOG on these paintings? I don't.
To me, classical portraits of dogs in costumes are better than dog art today. Indeed!

Paintings with Dog Art today

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