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Dog Art Work

January 26, 2012

Doing the dog art work is not as easy, as you might think. It is not about creating custom pet portraits, on which you see just your beautiful snout. When decided to become a one of famous dog artists, you should ask youself: am I ready for working doggie hard? Do I want to show something new to animals, who love art? And in the end, will I dedicate myself to creativity?
To help you make decision, we will tell you stories of two dogs, who decided for themselves, and don't regret about it.
Firstly, we will tell you about bichon frise.

dog art work

Once upon a time, lady dog of bichon breed went to visit her friend, and when was in place, she accidentally mixed up the right house with a nearby. Probably, it was the first sign of her creative mind. Before knocking on the door, she paid attention to funny paintings, hanging on it.
- Probably, my friend is joking! - thought bichon frise, and knocked.
A very strange mixed breed dog opened the door. Suddenly, it barked loudly.
- What a beautiful snout! Just what I need for my dog art work! I will portray you right now!
Bichon could not bark anything, so in a minute she was sitting on a sofa and reading a book about Animal Century art.
- What is happening? - she came to her senses. - What do you want from me?
- I am an artist, and I create contemporary pet portraits. You are an ideal model!
- Stop, I don't want to be your model!

She jumped from the sofa and went close to artist, who was standing in front of canvas. When she saw, what was painted on it, she became barkless again.
- What a beautiful artwork!...
We won't tell you what was depicted on the portrait, because we prefer keep names hidden.
...Can you teach me to do the same?
- So, you want to paint personally? Are you ready for such a challenge?
- Yes...

That is how lady bichon frise undersood, that she wants to be an artist. As you can see, it happened accidentally...So, in the next story everything was different.

dog art work hard

A one famous representative of miniature schnauzer art firstly refused to paint.
He wanted to found a business company, and his father, a well known artist, did not know what to do. He showed him many books with classical animal paintings, and made him learn everything about them, led him to museums of Animal Century - so, he did everything to make the son join his dog art work. But trying was useless, until...
Once schnauzer decided to leave his home, and live alone. Family could not forbid him, as long as he was a grown up dog, so he packed his clothes and went to the flat his father rent for him. When arrived, he firstly wanted to have a rest, but a one reason spoiled his plans. The flat was empty. No furniture, except a one chair, and a portrait of a one famous animal actress. Schnauzer was very angry. He felt himself like he was a fool for his father. Of course, he did it!
So, he decided to take revenge.
- If you want me to do a dog art work, I will!
He bought paints and paper, and created the painting, that could be hardly called art. It was 50 little portraits of an actress, each in different colours. Unbelievably stupid! When the work was ready, he went to the dog print shop, and did 500 dog paintings prints from it.
- Now you will understand, what the art means to me! Just nothing, as long as all paintings are the same!
He came home and showed the picture to his daddy artist. His reaction surprized him.
- Son, that is what you have to do! Make business out of your art! Make it popular among dogs of our Kingdom! Let's call it pop art dog paintings...

See, how painting influences life of a doggie? Now you all know schnauzer, he combines art and business, and his dog art work is respected by everyone.

Hope, you liked these two stories. Next time, we will tell you two more...Stay tuned!

© Written by Anna Pishvanova


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The portrait of bichon frise was created by the artist Maria Pishvanova