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Dog Breed Art

February 29, 2012

a story by Lady Mexican Hairless Dog

Hello, dear readers of the Animal Century Gazette! Today we will talk about happy art as a way to express beauty of dog breeds. We call it dog breed art.
Animal Century is known to be land, where of animals, fashion and art are combined together. Why is it so important for us? Because if you look today at contemporary art partly, you will see something blur and, unfortunately, unattractive.
Royal Gallery follows the real mission of art - depicting gorgeous world and bringing a good emotions to the audience.

dog breed art

Speaking about dog breed art, I can not forget to tell about a one case, happened to my friend basenji the artist. It took place before the Royal Gallery opened, and even before the idea of happy art raised.
Basenji decided to not to develop artistic skills, and tried to create portraits of breeds from dog food. He bought 1000 packs of it and covered with it canvases, where previously drew a simple sketches. He considered it very original, and showed the first artwork to the owner of a famous molosser gallery. It was a portrait (in brackets) of cane corso. The painting looked like scattered pieces of food, and instead of looking at it, the noble gallerist just...ate the painting. After that he said, that even though audience don't understand much in art, and would also, figuratively speaking, eat it, he doesn't want to make such an art develop.
My friend was confused. But not by the gallery's owner opinion about his art, but because...he did not know what to do with that much of dog food. He understood, that he can not create a good art, and opened a shop, where he sold all packs of food, and still sells different dog supplies. He turned out to be a great businessman!
Thanks to a one dog gallerist and a lazy artist, dog breed art now looks gorgeous in our Kingdom.
Visit the Royal Gallery and enjoy!

© Written by Anna Pishvanova


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Portrait of Mexican Hairless Dog was created by the artist Maria Pishvanova