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Lady Pekingese and Dog Carnival. Part I

December 07, 2011

Lady Pekingese is in anxiety. She is packing the last, fifth Louis Pekingese luggage. Everything's ready! Guess, nothing is forgotten. Today Pekingese is going to travel to Venice. In this city the Bloodhound king organizes the dog carnival once a year. They say, that attendees from other kingdoms, about whom we, Animal Century residents haven't heard, also like the carnival. But Bloodhound is a very liberal king, and forbids nobody to come to the celebration.
The main thing is to follow the rule - always be in a mask of someone else. It means, for example, that an afghan hound must wear the mask of a chinese crested dog, and a poodle must be in a mask of a dalmatian. It makes the celebration of animals special. But Lady Pekingese is tired of hearing about the carnival from her friends, or watching the celebration on the dog tv, and decided to go there on her own paws.


She took a taxi-plane to get there fast and save.
This is the type of transport, that was invented by the company AIRedale Terrier and became very popular among fancy dogs of the Kingdom. Only three hours and Lady Pekingese will attend the celebration...
She woke up in Venice, and the panic took over her a little bit. Of course, she thought there would be many animals, but when she met thousands of cats and dogs in masks, Lady Pekingese almost lost the dog, who kept her luggage, for the sight. Hardly struggled through fun and wild crowd, and nearly ran into a giant maine coon, pekingese came into the hotel for dogs. This small hotel called Divine Bolognese was built by the famous dog architector Dandy Doberman specially for small and big dogs. Lady Pekingese read about this hotel in the Animal Century Gazette. Mademoiselle Papillon wrote, that from the balcony of this hotel can be seen the Five Dogs Square, and Lady Chihuahua gave the best review for dog breakfast. She wrote, that food for dogs in Divine Bolognese is like a food for gods at the Dog Olympus.
Lady Pekingese had to rest a little bit, and in the evening she took the very chic dress on, and sparkling with diamond jewellery by Cairnier, pekingese went to the dog carnival. Before she went out, lady thought for a second that she forgot something for a real dog party. But there was no time for thinking. Thousands of dogs were waiting for her in the streets of Venice...

About dogs Lady Pekingese remembered just in time, she went outside.
- There is no single dog! - horrified, thought pekingese.
There were cats of all breeds and colours walking around her. A couple of persian cats proudly walked by, indifferently looking at the Lady Pekingese...

Read in the second part of this story - how Lady Pekingese met new carnival dogs in Venice and attended a private party.

© Written by Julia Pishvanova


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credits and dog editors - see in the next part of the story