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Dog Circus

December 30, 2011

a story by Lady English Toy Terrier

Hooray and bark! Famous dog circus came to the Animal Century Kingdom! And all dogs immediately went to buy tickets. I bought a one, too. To tell the truth, it costed much. But it worthed it. For the first, I sat in the same raw with such dog celebrities, as His Majesty Prince Romeo the Chihuahua. And the main thing is that I could see a unique dog acts and circus dog tricks, that made my heart beat three times faster. But I won't try your patience. Now I will tell you, performances of which circus dogs I liked the best.

Dog Circus

Dance Band Small Funny Dogs

Two toy poodels and a maltese made us laugh the whole evening. And joyful dog dances left indifferent nobody. Besides dancing, dogs told funny stories. Unbelievably, how many jokes these dog trio knows. Sometimes dogs' humor was walking on edge. For example, when they were laughing at the behaviour of dog aristocracy. But these scandalous jokes and dances made small funny dogs famous.

Flying Beagle

I've never seen a circus dog performing such a dangerous tricks. When the audience was watching how the fearless beagle flying on the 10 meters height, their hearts stopped for a while. Sometimes he seemed to be not just a beagle, but a jetplane. It is known, that beagle started to train when he was a little puppy. They also say, that he became famous because of his unusual ears. But it is just rumours. What we have seen was a really unique performance.

Stretching Brussels Griffon

The one dog of a brussels griffon breed, that can show an unbelievable dog stretching. And even though this dog is of a small size, we could not believe our eyes! Unique stretching of the brussels griffon made him look like a transformer. You don't believe? Then come to the dog circus.

Doberman the Magician

Elegant and misterious doberman in a black tie makes even the most untrustful dogs believe in miracles. Nobody had doubts, that mister Doberman is a real wizard. Multicoloured butterflies, flowers and birds...Just one sweep of a magic wand and dog circus transformed into a paradise garden. Magician took dog toys from his cylinder and gifted it to all puppies. Amazed puppies barked loundly and everyone was in a really good mood. It is a great luck, to get a toy right from the Doberman the Magician.

Alfredo the Giant Spitz

And in the end, a performance, that amazed all dog in the circus. Have you heard about a giant spitz? No, I don't mean a dog breed. There is only a one dog of such a big size in our Kingdom. And comparing to Alfredo, a wolfhound seems to be just a mouse. When the spitz's paw stood on the arena, dogs in circus started to bark and some went out to call the dog police. They thought that Alfredo is a real dog monster. But spitz looked at everyone with his kind eyes and the fear dissapeared. And when Alfredo smiled, then all dogs barked Bravo! It was an unforgettable performance of a huge dog. Next time, when Alfredo comes, I will watch him again.

I was endlessly happy to visit the dog circus. And if you want to touch the magic, then follow the tour of circus dogs. And if they will come to your county, then go buy a ticket. You have to hurry up, because there are much fans who wait for famous dog tricks.

© Written by Julia Pishvanova


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