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A Dog Gift Item, that surprized Lady Bolognese

April 09, 2012

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Hello, dear readers! I am so excited today. You know, I am always in a good mood, because my profession requires being joyful. But this time a reason for my happiness is a dog gift item, that I received from my a secret admirer. There are many cavaliers, they all dedicate dog poems to me and try to win by heart.
My friend, who is also of bichon type, once suggested to compare how many presents she and I receive per week together. It turned out, that she gets 45 maltese dog gifts. I won't tell you, how many my dandys give me, that will be unmodest.
In fact, my friends are always happy to receive beautiful presents from me. Most of all I like to choose dog breed gifts for people - our Kingdom is full of cool shops, where you can find a present for anybody, whether human or animal!
So, what was my dog gift item...Let's keep it a secret! xx

Cool Dog Gift Item

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Portrait of Bolognese was created by the artist Maria Pishvanova