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Dog Paparazzi. How to Look After a Yorkshire Terrier

December 26, 2011

The main dog gossip of the month! A dog paparazzi Mister Rhodesian Ridgeback took a photo of famous actress Lady Twintale Yorkie.
- I know how to look after a yorkshire terrier! - said he.
But this time it went too far. When ridgeback got close to the villa of superstar, he noticed, how Yorkie is going out of the house. How was told later, Lady headed to the saloon for dogs, to make a chic dog hairstyle.

dog paparazii

Lady Twintale Yorkie told us:
I had a perfect mood on that sunny day. I was full with love for my fans, and for all residents of our Kingdom also. Furthermore, the evening before I got a prestige award Golden Yorkshire Terrier. I got it for playing the beautiful Daisy dog, in a romantical tv-series about yorkshire terriers. Again, I would like to thank my family...Sorry, what were we talking about?
You told, that you had a perfect mood on that day...
Oh yeah, of course. And that's why I was so faithful at the time. Expecting nothing, I went out to the dog saloon, even haven't put on my favorite sunglasses by Puliroid. And here's the worse. I lost my hat, that I always put on, when going outside without a dog hairstyle. The hat dissapeared somehow. But because of my trustful mood, I went outside with coat not brushed. When I got out, I heard a camera flashing. It was him! How could he! My career of an ideal dog superstar ruined! Baaark...How could I trust dogs?...this dog paparazzi is so cruel...Give me hanky, please.
Wait, Lady Yorkie. I understand, you are frustrated. But what happened that morning?
How? You still don't know? This horrible journalist, rhodesian ridgeback filmed me on video. And now the whole dog internet knows, how am I look like without make up. But it's not that horrible. My snout looks good without a dog cosmetic. But a hairstyle! The whole dog world knows, that Lady Twintale Yorkie don't go public without a gorgeous hairstyle. That's my image! Every year a magazine with cute hairstyles for dogs gives me the number one in a top 10 good brushed dogs...
It seemed to me, that you were on the number 5 on list?
Is it important now? Better think, what my agent will say, when my name will appear in such rubrics as weird pictures of dogs, or crazy dog hairstyles. And if the name of Lady Twintale Yorkie will get in such an article as really funny pictures of dogs, then goodbye the career of superstar! But I don't want to let it be! Mister Ridgeback will pay me the compensation in size 1000 packs of dog food!

How you can see, Lady Twintale Yorkie was seriously angry. But no dog could predict, what happened then...

dog paparazzi and a superstar

Mister Rhodesian Ridgeback tells:
For many years I've been following the rule, that the best dog paparazzi is a scandalous paparazzi. Once, I bought a magazine with cute hairstyles for dogs, to find there the most beautiful dog hairstyle...
What did you need it for?
I've been dreaming about taking a photo of a famous dog actress, when she is without a make up. When I saw there a photo of Lady Twintale Yorkie, I undersood - that is what I need! In the interview, she told how many time she spend on looking after her coat and snout. And also, actress said, that there is no dog in the Kingdom, who is more beautiful, than she is. I laughed at such a self-confidence, and decided to expose Lady Yorkie. And you know, what happened after...
And what are you going to do now, mister Ridgeback? You probably have published all photos of Lady Twintale Yorkie in the rubric with crazy dog hairstyles, or...
You are wrong. I am not going to publish photos in some scandalous dog magazine. I will invite Lady Yorkie on a date, instead.
It's true. I did not expect this. When I saw photos of Lady Yorkie without a make up, my heart got pierced with a love arrow. She was so beautifully natural. Without tons of dog cosmetic and with a fluffy coat she looked like a dog angel...
But do you know, that Lady Yorkie hates you? She thinks, that you ruined her dog career of superstar.
I will prove her, that I have changed. An image of scandalous dog paparazzi is gone. Since now I will become a shy dog writer...or a poet. Right, better poet. And all my poems will be dedicated to Lady Yorkie...

Ridgeback told the truth. He invited Lady Twintale Yorkie on a date. Firstly the actress did not want to think about it. But with time photos of Yorkie and Ridgeback together appeared in gazettes. There were two reasons guessed.
The first one is that Yorkie is secretly in love with the dog paparazzi. The second one is that the photo story badly influenced her image of a dog actress. But soon Lady Yorkie was invited to star in a movie Natural Dogs or Life without Make Up. But it's not important. The main thing is that dogs are together now. What about ridgeback, he stopped doing scandalous photos. However, not a long ago in a one dog magazine appeared a photo of one dog polititian - Mister Komondor with a bad-looking coat. Which dog paparazzi made this photo is hidden. But we can guess, who it was...

© Written by Julia Pishvanova


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