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Are you a Dog Wearing Hat?

January 09, 2012

a story by Marquess Bichon Frise

Are you a dog wearing hat? So, I hope you will like my story about dogs and hats!
Dog clothes play a big role in our life. We buy chic dog dresses, to feel outselves gorgeous and wear expensive collars, to show how wealthy we are. We buy designer dog bandanas and embroider our name on it, to be individual.

dog wearing hat

So, there is something to talk about. Not a long ago I saw a one giant schnauzer. This guy never takes his christmas hat off. Even when washing or sleeping. Because of that he was given a name Santa Schnauzer and a tv show Amazing Residents of the Animal Century Kingdom dedicated the whole serie to him. I was interested, why this dog wearing santa hat is so famous?
And why do dogs wear hats? I went in the streets and asked some dogs. Here is what they told me.

Lady Toy Poodle

I am a professional dog dancer. My passion is spanish dance. That is why I wear hat with a rose, to look like a spanish doggie...


If I wear a hat, then only for a practical purpose. Weather is so unsteady in our county, so to go out without a hat is risky. What if rain will fall?...

Jack Russell Terrier

I have a collection of stylish hats. Every month I buy a new hat for myself. That is just my hobby.


I am not a fan of Santa Schnauzer. Dog christmas hats just fit me! And it is winter now...Why do not to wear a pretty red hat?

American Akita

I am a dog investigator. Hat and coat are my professional clothes. Silence...It seems to me that someone is watching over us. I have to go...

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Many years ago my grandfather gifted me a hat. He said, that it is our family treasure. They say, that this hat brings good fortune to all ridgebacks in our family.


How do you go outside without an elegant hat? That's just terrible! All lady dogs in our Kingdom should understand it.

English Toy Terrier

I'm just cold. And a hat warms my ears.


This hat with daisies was gifted to me by my valentine - short haired chihuahua. I like such gifts very much. I am really stylish!

So, dear dogs, that is what headwear means to a dog wearing hat...many dogs, wearing hats!

© Written by Julia Pishvanova


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Marquess Bichon Frise wants to thank his cousin for helping him to write down all what dogs said about hats, and then compose this article. the portrait of bichon frise was created by the artist Maria Pishvanova