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Dressed Up Pugs

February 28, 2012

When a pug wakes up in the morning, the first thought that comes to it's mind is: what to wear for being the most beautiful among dressed up pugs?
But in this story a dog of this breed once woke up, and thought:
- Why should I be a dressed up pug? Nothing important happens today, so I will wear just a dog sport jacket and trousers.
With such a belief, the pug ate some dog food and went for a walk to New Yorkies Park...

dressed up pugs

Adventures began just after he stepped outside his house. His neighbour Chinese Crested the Lady Gardener greeted him, smiling strangely:
- Sir Pug, I can not believe you workout! I thought you don't pay too much attention to excersizes...
- Dear CC Lady Dog (that is her nickname), I just put this clothes on for the whole day. This is comfortable!

She did not say anything, but continued to smile.
He believed she doesn't understand much in style, even though considered one of the most fancy dogs in Toy County.
- I will make everyone see, that sport clothes can be chic! - said pug to himself, and went to buy new sunglasses by Puliroid.
When he came in, there were already two dressed up pugs and a one boston terrier in shop willing to buy something, and he had to wait for the assistance of Lady Puli.
While he was waiting, he looked pugs over and tried to figure out why is he less fancy than them. The first wore lace shirt and a velvet pants, and the second had a trench of orange colour on. They looked very bright, comparing to our pug.
When his turn came, puli said:
- Good morning, sir. Are you looking for a professional dog sunglasses? I have a very nice one, for engineers and builders. It was very popular while reconstuction of the Palace...You can also buy a dog helmet, and...
Pug couldn't bark anything, while puli offered him to buy uniform for painters, and more strange dog products.
- Lady, I am no engineer! I am just a pug...but I am not a one of dressed up pugs!
- Oh, I am sorry, you just look so...Well, what do you want?
- Thank you, nothing!

Pug was offenced. He decided to go back home. On the way he thought about animals and clothes.
- I live in the Kingdom of stylish dogs...So what is the style for a canine? A good friend of mine once said: fashion, animals and art combines beauty of Animal Century.
At home, he opened his wardrobe and put his favorite suit on. He saw, that such outfit makes him look the more gorgeous, and went outside again.
Chinese crested lady was watering flowers. Pug drew her attention from it, and she said:
- Wow, you are so beautiful! Dressed up pugs always bring me a good mood!
- No wonder, lady dog. We are happy art!

Feeling himself chic, pug went to the centre of town for bringing happiness to everyone...

© Written by Anna Pishvanova


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Portrait of Pug was created by the artist Maria Pishvanova