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Exhibition of French Bulldog Art

May 24, 2012

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Today we write about great opening of the first all dog breed exhibition of french bulldog art! There you can see many pet celebrities. Among them was duke Boston Terrier, who, by the way, really helped during organization of this event, significant for the dog art world.
He visited dozens of auctions and looked through catalogues with plenty of animal portraits. Here is the result - at today's exhibition visitors can see unique pieces of french bulldog art. Among paintings there are french bulldog paintings of modern dog artists, medieval stilllife with molosser figurines, and also antique portraits of bulldogs.

Visitor rating:

English Mastiff
Wonderful dogs, unforgettable atmosphere of celebration. It is one of the best dog exhibitions, I have ever visited.
English Bulldog
Last week I have been to museum of vintage dog art. I was really amazed by paintings, exhibited there. But after this evening I can not think about anything, but french bulldog artwork, that I have seen here. I don't know, what would erase my excitement...

Representatives of pug-internet also were at the exhibition. For example, famous dog blogger Boston Terrier. Later on he wrote a post, that he called Pop Art Dog Paintings. Why he gave it so strange title still remains a secret. But it was certainly dedicated to bulldog art. If you want to buy souvenirs and gifts with dogs of french bulldog breed and other great artworks - come to our shop.

French Bulldogs Art

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Portrait of French Bulldog was created by the artist Maria Pishvanova