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Exhibition of Funny Dog Paintings. Reviews

May 15, 2012

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Let's ask some critics about what do they think about funny dog paintings, exhibited in the gallery of Pug the Hero. He is a well-known admirer of dog art. You may have read his poems about feelings - they are very romantical. Ladys from all over the Kingdom receive his letters with love confessions.
At the exhibition were presented pictures of funny looking dogs. Grown up dogs came with their puppies, and joyful athmosphere was all around. The next day critics wrote a very good reviews. What they liked the most were funny pictures of dogs in costumes.
- It was such a pleasure to look at basenji wearing tunic and a leonberger in the armour! - says a one famous journalist.
Hero pug promises to hold such exhibition in the next year, and present more dog paintings. We can't wait!

Funny Dog Paintings

© Written by Anna Pishvanova


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Portrait of Pug was created by the artist Maria Pishvanova