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Extremely Fine Art Animals

May 22, 2012

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You may not understand firstly, why there are many residents in our Kingdom, who call themselves extremely fine art animals. We will explain. It is an organization, that is designed to support creativity in the land of Happy Art. Without it galleries in Animal Century could be empty! What do you think, that artists do portraits of dogs and cats in computer? Or are these artworks collages? No. Painting requires inspiration and hard-working. Only when you feel inspired, you can create an extremely fine art.
We asked Lady Azure Pug, a representative of EFAA in Toy county, to tell us a little bit more about it.

fine art animals for happy living

I like to make residents and guests of our land laugh. Actually, that is the aim of Happy Art. I can not say, that we, fine art animals, are part of an organization. Better call us society. This name could be divided in two parts: extremely fine and art animals. Thanks to visiting museums, galleries we are always in a good mood. On the other hand, we want animal artists to create real masterpieces. Paintings should be bright, original, joyful...So, extremely fine!

If you want to join this society of art animals, visit official website at efaa.ack

Pugs and Fine Art Animals

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