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Famous Dog Portrait Artists

May 21, 2012

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We think that you all know names of dog portrait artists, mentined in this article. But anyway, let us tell about them one more time. Dogs, deserving to be called masterminds. Indeed, without these creative animals dog art today could not be imagined...
The first artist's name is Madame Basenji. She studied in Royal College of Animal Century. Painting has always been her love. Now, while visiting a bookshop, don't forget to look at her postcards with puppy portraits, loved by all dogs. Especially by puppies and romantical persons - soft colours make postcards look gentle.
Next is Mister Beagle, became famous after creating watercolour dog portraits. Artworks depict breeds naturally, sometimes dogs on paintings seem to be alive!
Parents of Dandy Labrador, who were dog portrait artists, too, wanted him to paint labradors. But surprizingly, just after graduating from university, lab changed his mind. Now he does golden retriever portraits. Why? The artist doesn't explain.
Have you seen performance of Chihuahua the Pierrot in MDAM (Modern Dog Art Museum)? No, he did not sing. Besides his main occupation, he also paints. After that, chihuahua writes screenplay for presenting his paintings. It makes him one of the most unusual famous dog portrait artists...

Famous artists, who paint dogs

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