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Find Pictures of Dogs

February 12, 2012

a story by Japanese Chin

Sometimes it is hard - to find pictures of dogs. If you don't understand what I mean, then read my article.
I went down the street of Hero Newfoundland and suddenly saw a dog of english bulldog breed among animal crowd. I was sure, that I have seen it's snout before, but I could not remember, when and where did I. Next days my curiosity could not leave me. And then I decided to visit some sites of dog internet, hoped to find there information about my bulldog. It was not an easy task. And now I want to tell you, what interesting websites for finding dogs I saw.

find pictures of dogs

By the way, I won't say the exact addresses of these dog internet resources. Some sites are under control of FBI (Federation of Barking in Internet). I can not say, that it can harm myself somehow. But I am afraid of everything, connected to the barking policedogs.

So, the first website is called Breeds of Dogs with Photos. Let's imagine a situation. You haven't heard of your old bolognese friend for a long time. And you decided to write him a letter. But there is a problem. When you moved to your new dog house, you lost a book with addresses of your friends. Then this website is for you. Just open the list with dog breeds and start your search.
Of course it is not easy to find a familiar snout among many bolognese dogs of our Kingdom. But believe me, your patience will be honoured. At this website the biggest catalogue of dog breeds is collected!

Cartoon Pictures of Dogs and Cats. An interesting, but strange website. Here you can find your dog friends, but their photos will be in anime style. I don't know why did somebody need to do such project. They say, that there is something phychic in it and it is the way easier to find a dog with this photo. Is it true or false in your decision.

Dogs Pictures and Names. It can happen, that you don't remember snout of your friend, or suppose that he changed after a new haircut. Then this website is for you. Type a name of the dog, that you want to find and a list of dog images will appear before your eyes. Find a one you need among them. But if this result will not satisfy you, then go here...

Pet Pictures Animal Century. Everything is very easy. You got to the man dog catalogue of our Kingdom. Here I found a photo of english bulldog I met on the street. I had to pay a little money, because this website helps you to connect with dog detectives, who will help you to find almost every dog on our Kingdom. It is not free, but for me it was the one opportunity to find my old friend.

I hope you like my 'spy' article. See you soon at Animal Century!

© Written by Julia Pishvanova


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