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Funny Pictures of Dogs in Costumes

February 03, 2012

Hello, readers of the Animal Century Gazette!
Today we will tell you the second story about a fancy pug of our Kingdom. If you haven't seen the first one, click here to read about pictures of pugs in costumes.
The story we will tell you today is about Lady Azure Pug. She is known for being one of the most stylish dogs, and all animals who want to learn sense of style, ask an advice from her.
Although funny pictures of dogs in costumes are all around our Gazette, for this lady fashion is a serious thing. That serious, so it once caused problems for pug...

funny pictures of dogs in costumes

She always loved dog shopping. Boutiques all around our Kingdom welcomed her at least twice a year.
- Lady Pug is our the very noble client. When new collections come, she is the first to try on everything. - says pekingese, a shop assistant.
Fashion is not just her hobby. This is also her business. She has many contacts with saloons all around Animal Century, where are sawn couture and pret-a-pordog clothing. Thanks to her, ladies and dandies from Toy County have an opportunity to wear clothes by Rabbit Couture, and Her Doggesty Welsh Corgi Pembroke gets the best pearls for decorating her wig.
Well, Lady Pug is not just a fashionista, but also a businessdog. Nevertheless, once her love for funny pug costumes played a bad joke with her.
She came back home in the evening, and tired, wanted to relax. No, she didn't want to play a ball, or lie on the sofa, watching news. She went to her wardrobe, for choosing clothes for tomorrow party.
When she opened the door to dressing room, the only thing she could bark was oops...
Tons of clothes covered pug in a second. Poor dog almost lost concious - dozens of dresses, jackets and skirts for pugs fell on her. It filled the whole dressing room to the ceiling! And then caught pug in a trap...
- This is the most stupid situation I ever got in! What if I will stay here forever? No clothes anymore! Bark!
Dog started to bark and whine really loud. Soon, someone entered the front door. It was lady's neighbour and a good friend japanese chin. She gave him the keys to her home, for an emergency.
- Pug, are you here? I heard you barking...
Luckily, the main hall led to the dressing room, so just after entering the house, japanese chin saw a huge pile of whining clothes.
- What the dog it is?...- said chin, shocked.
- This is me! I am immured, help!
He started to dig through clothing, and in a while Lady Pug was free.
- How good you are here! I thought nobody would save me, so I could...
- Don't worry, my friend! Everything is okay now...But what will you do with all these clothing?
- I will throw it away!...No, wait...I have the better idea!

The next day, pug gave most of her clothing to other residents of Animal Century at a charity event she organised instead of cocktail party. It was a fun evening, during which she told the story about fashion capture to other animals, they laughed at it and then took funny pictures of dogs in costumes, that Lady Pug gave to them.
- I don't need this much dresses. A businessdog should not think about clothes too much!
Since then she did not buy all costumes she saw in boutiques. But still she continued to supply other fancy dogs with the most beautiful clothes, while reminding them of what a very huge wardrobe leads to...

© Written by Anna Pishvanova


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The PUGS collage was made using portraits of pugs by the artist Maria Pishvanova