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Glamorous Rat Paintings

May 20, 2012

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Hello, my dear rodent readers! Well, canine or feline kind, whatever - I hope my article will be interesting to read. It is about rat paintings and glamorous rodents.
I am very experinced in all aspects of fashion for animals. It has been my true love since many years ago. All friends ask an advice from me on what to wear. Cats, before attending Animal Century Ball, phone me meowing How should I dress up, to be a chic cat? I answer all questions, even connected with fluffy cat skirts. You know what is my inspiration? Right, rat paintings! There are depicted rats in fancy clothes, that might fit all animal kind - from mastino napoletano to cornish rex. Velvet pants by Rabbit Couture look fabulous!

Rat Paintings

So, what rat paintings are must-see? Firstly, visit Long Tail Gallery. It is situated in Murinae city - capital of rodent art. All famous animal artists of this type came from there. When hanging around downtown, you can not overlook that every street is named after a rat artist. Citizens celebrate Grey Tail, Maro Idea and many more masterminds.
In Long Tail Gallery visitors see contemporary paintings with fancy rats. They have such name not just because they like people. These rodents knows everything about style!
Not a long ago I have been to the premiere of royal portrait of rat. It was done in Palace of Animal Century, and carefully brought on a plane. On this rat painting is depicted a lady in little black dress. What makes it a very beautiful rat portrait, is that she is of white coat colour. When I saw it for the first time, I thought:
- Very nice painting, it deserves to be included in my next blog post about fashion for animals!
I love blogging. My attracts many readers, and every day I receive letters from them. I write about all things I like - most posts are rat paintings related, of course. Hope my article woke up interest for rodent fashion in you! Visit my blog at fancyrat.ack

© Written by Anna Pishvanova


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Portrait of Rat in Clothes was created by the artist Maria Pishvanova