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Good Dog Fine Art. Review by Akita

January 03, 2012

written by dandy american akita

Today we will speak about, what is a good dog fine art. Not a long ago I visited the exhibition of a terrier photograph. He made the whole photo serie of astronaut dogs. I looked at those hero snouts. I like a one american bulldog very much.
- This is a real hero! - thought I, - This is the art I love.
But time doesn't stay. Many dog artists of our Kingdom declare about themselves, that they can show us something new. For example, a one artist of bullterrier breed decided to amaze the world of dog art, and painted his own...collar.
A one contemporary art gallery liked the idea so much, that they asked bullterrier to create 10 more such paintings. The exhibition was called Portrait of Collar in the Contemporary Art. To be honest, I don't understand such an art. I always think about times, when everything was different.

good dog fine art

For example, when the exhibition called Portraits of Royal Dogs opened in our Kingdom, all visitors came in beautiful dog dresses and hats. And what a paintings we saw there! Portraits of dogs in royal clothes were unforgettable. It was the art, created in classical traditions.
When came home, I bought online a one dog poster of noble Lady Chihuahua. At the exhibition it was not possible - all posters were sold out. It was a real celebration of good dog fine art!

But I don't want to be subjective, so I asked a border terrier friend of mine, what does she think about the exhibition of bullterrier, and how does she sees the dog art today. Her opinion amazed me.

what is a good dog fine art?

I really liked the exhibition Portrait of Collar in the Contemporary Art. Mister Bullterrier is a great artist, free from dog prejudice. Why doesn't a collar have the right to be painted? I was amazed by works of Bullterrier. And who knows, probably the collarism will become a new wave in dog fine art. Like for example happened to dog cubism.

So, dear readers of our Gazette, what else can I say? Maybe, I have no right to judge what is good and what is bad. Let each dog to think the way it wants. When my border terrier friend asked me, if I want to visit with her the exhibition called Squared St. Bernhard, I agreed, to my own wonder. What if I will like it, and I will tell that it is a good dog fine art. But I also asked border terrier to visit the exhibition of Ancient Bologneses. Classic can not be forgotten!

© Written by Julia Pishvanova


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the story was written by Dandy American Akita. he wants to thank Lady Border Terrier for being an educated dog, who loves art. special thanks to the artist Maria Pishvanova for portraying American Akita, so we can supply this article with his portrait