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Dog Art Gallery. Grand Opening

May 17, 2012

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Hello, we are reporting from Chihuahueño city, where today the grand opening of dog art gallery is held. Residents of Animal Century have been waiting for this moment since last year.
Brace Officer, whose portrait you see below, told us about his great plans to become gallerist. He always dreamed to open new talents and show unique dog art to the Kingdom.
Now let's talk to Chihuahua himself and learn more about his new occupation.

Dog Art Gallery

Mister Chi, are you going to tell us new names of masterminds?
- And not only. I have various dog projects in my little head, but they are all really big. As far as I am concerned, animal artists rarely collaborate with human friends outside our land. It prevents us from creating more good dog fine art. I have already talked to some people about exhibiting artworks from my gallery at their spaces.
Brilliant! Soon our Kingdom will welcome many guests. Is it true that pop art dog paintings won't be presented?
Yes. I will explain why - there are not a one dog art gallery with such ones hanging. I am tired of visiting museums in order to look at beauty, and watching rainbow-coloured mastiffs instead. Do these artists understand, how heavily they influence culture of Animal Century? Soon there will be no other, but pop art dogs everywhere. It is time to stop!
What about freedom of self-expression?
I accept all kinds of dog fine art. It doesn't matter, if you create black & white paintings, or oil. But there are many talented dogs, who can not straggle through crowd of self-titled "geniuses". Not a long ago I surfed the pugirnet searching for an antique dog art gallery. I found old paintings, where snouts of dogs were replaced with mouses'. Awful! Furthermore, paws were in place. Rodents with canine extremities...
Sounds scary...Let's go back to your gallery. Residents of Toy county can not wait to see portraits of big breeds there.
I am proud of my gallery to be first in our county, where paintings with dogs of all types are presented. German shepherds, mastino napoletanos, rhodesian ridgebacks...even ISoXA (Independent Society of Xoloitzcuintli Artists) agreed to give me some of their best works for today's grand opening. They will be here until next week, so hurry up to see these masterpieces of dog breed art!
Great, you found time for talking to us. We will come to your gallery many times more!
I am waiting for new visitors!

© Written by Anna Pishvanova


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Portrait of Chihuahua was created by the artist Maria Pishvanova