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Great Dog Gifts. Shops

January 13, 2012

a story by Shih-Tzu

Dear readers of your Gazette, could you please tell, where to buy great dog gifts in our Kingdom?
Next week is a birthday of my best friend Akita Inu. She organises a party, where many dogs of all breeds are invited. It is going to be a great dog party! But where to find a gift? I have looked through popular dog magazines, and also visited interesting shops and boutiques for dogs. And after a long research I found two wonderful gifts for my friend Akita. And now I want to tell you these two shops, where you can buy the best dog gifts!

great dog gifts

Dog Gifts for People

Nevermind such a strange name of this shop. There are suggested products, that can be personalised with a name of your human friend, and then you can gift it to him or her. Quite unusual, isn't it?
Actually, there are sold usual dog themed gifts: bowls, bones, play balls...But owner of the shop is sure, that if you prepare such a gift for your human friend, it will be a very nice surprize.
I decided to buy a small personalised dog gift there - as you can guess, it was for my friend Akita Inu. I even asked to write the name of my dog friend on it. Even it is possible in Dog Gifts for People. Universal Shop!
Whether you want to buy a unique gift for human or animal friend of yours, visit this shop here:
Boulevard of Great Danny Dane, 7
Funny Snout City, Toy County

other great dog gifts

Canine Extra

So, it is the second shop I recommend you to visit. There are a great variety of electro birthday gifts for dogs. If your friend loves gadgets, a thing from this shop would bring him a great joy!
I knew, that Akita loves relaxing - so I went to the dog wellness department and found there an aroma dog aviary. It is one of the most luxurious dog gifts, that can be!
It takes quite a lot of room at your home, but it's worth it. If you are tired after a working dog day, then get into this aviary and switch on an Aroma mode. There is a great variety to choose from - smells of forest, mountains, grass, soil, and even a smell of dissapeared various object (hound dogs will certainly love it). So, I bought this aviary for my Akita friend, and I hope she will like it.
To see more great dog gifts, visit this shop here:
Bernese Alley, 10
Doggie Field City, Pastoral Dog County

I highly recommend you to visit these shops, surely, you will find there something for your friend's birthday, or any other occassion!

© Written by Julia and Anna Pishvanova


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