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Happy Maltese and Northern Dogs. Part II

December 13, 2011

Read the first part of the story about beautiful maltese

Happy maltese? Probably you won't believe, but our lady found her happiness far away from home. Read about it in the second part of the story.

When beautiful maltese went out of her house, there was a surprise waiting for her. She thought, that she would travel to Sledge Dogs county by ship.
- But where is the ship? - wondered the dog.
Suddenly, she heard a noice of big wings near her. Maltese looked above, and saw that it was a giant flamingo flying down.
- Good day, Lady Maltese. Jump onto my back, I will get you to your place.
Pink flamingos were the goodbye gift to all dogs by mister Ara. The parrot wanted all dogs to quickly and safely reach the Sledge Dogs county. He asked the giant flamingos for help. The birds agreed happily. But it was quite a dangerous journey - to fly to such a cold county. Once the ara saved flamingo's family from the terror of the cruel Alligator the King, and they were very thankful for the parrot ara. Chimpanzees and macaques knitted for all flamingos the big warm hats and scarves. And dogs, that flew on a flamingo's back, could also warm up with this scarves, in order not to freeze during the traveling. The time of departure has come. Miniature maltese jumped on a flamingo's back and closed her eyes tightly from fear. The gorgeous bird opened her wings and flew off the ground.
When the maltese opened her eyes, she saw, that they are flying towards the sun. And suddenly she understood: it was her dream! The sky and the pink wings...But it was not the sunset. Sun seemed to smile at her, and beautiful maltese got rid of her fear. She believed they were flying to meet the new dog life.
- Hold on, lady maltese. We are raising! - and the pink flamingo has flown above the clouds...

happy maltese

happy maltese and snow love

After a week and three days flamingos and dogs arrived in the county of northern dogs. The new dog land met them with cold wind and rain.
The time to say flamingo a farewell has come. Maltese did not want to let the bird go and cried with big dog tears. But flamingo had to come back. Other flamingos already waited for him. Birds could have frozen, and a delay was not possible. Maltese looked at the flamingos flying away and said good bye to her careless maltese past.
Lonesome and wet dog stood under the rain on an unknown land. Suddenly she noticed two dogs coming close to her. They were siberian husky and alaskan malamute. They came to the maltese to show to the dog her new home. Husky and malamute accompanied her to a little, but nice house.
Husky kindled fire and it became comfy and warm in the house. Maltese hasn't seen the fireplace before, and asked the dogs, if it is normal to bring the fire right to the dog room. Northern dogs laughed. They liked nice and lovely lady maltese from the far away southern islands.
- Do you want to go skiing with us, lady maltese? - asked the dog her new friend alaskan malamute.
Maltese paid her attention to the fact, that malamute had very beautiful and kind eyes, but she refused to go skiing.
- Wait, Malamute, - said husky, - dogs can not go skiing, until the snow falls. All dogs wait for it from day to day.
Maltese did not know, what a snow means. But it was not significant for her.
She decided to stay home, and read dog magazines she brang from the island. Maltese wanted to stay alone with her lonesome. She had no mood even for visiting her friends - lady retriever and pekingese. Lady Maltese set on the couch and started to read. On her paws she wore warm socks, presented to her by Lady Husky. In a few minutes maltese fell asleep, haven't had read the article about fancy dog swimsuits til the end. When maltese woke up, she looked at the clock, hanging above the fireplace. Bark bark! - said little dog-cockoo.
- It is already 11 o'clock?! - maltese was amazed, - how long have I slept...
She came to the window and looked outside. Snow was falling, and the ground became white - just like maltese's coat.
Somebody knocked on the door. Maltese opened, and saw mister Malamute at the doors.
- Lady Maltese! Snow falls! Come here!
They went out. There were many dogs in the street.
- Hello snow! - they barked happily.
Malamute told maltese, that every northern dog wait for the snow to fall. And then, the real celebration begins. Dogs go skiing, play snowballs and sculpt snow dogs.
- Tell me, Maltese, do you like snow? - asked Malamute.
Maltese looked at the Malamute with pure dog happiness.
- Guess, I fell in love with...snow. - shyly replied maltese, downcasting eyes.
Malamute wanted to say something, but then husky and friends of maltese - lady Retriever and Pekingese came to them. Dogs barked:
Happy birthday Maltese!
You did not forget about my birthday! - maltese was so happy.
Then dogs went to play snowball. In that evening, when the first snow fell down, beautiful maltese understood, what the first dog love is. She did not regret that she left her island. Now happy maltese knew for sure - you should never be afraid to change something in your dog life.

© Written by Julia Pishvanova


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this south-northern story was written with the help of sledge dogs royal society, the noble member of which is lady toy maltese dog. the story is based on the interview, that maltese dog gave to our gazette