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What are Dog Art Paintings? Ask Dachshunds! Part I

May 26, 2012

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Today in our issue we will discuss a very important subject. What dog art paintings suppose to be? You may say, that is stupid question. Of course, we should understand it the way it is called. The word dog defines it to be canine, art means that it is a kind of masterpiece. In the end, paintings are all about artworks. Stop. In fact, Animal Century Kingdom divides this type of art from all other genres. Our human friends paint realism, cubism, dadaism...These have nothing to do with Happy Art, although such styles somehow influented our animal artists. Dog art is something completely different, when talking about paintings.
The right answer to this question suppose to exist. We asked Royal Couple of Dachshunds to tell their comprehensive opinions about it.

Dachshunds on Dog Art Painting

Written by Dackel, Lord of Weena
To tell the truth, I think that the definition was indentified by my grandfather. When I was a little puppy, he showed me many museums of our Kingdom. While walking around those dog art paintings, he told me about history, artists, talent...
After that I never changed my opinion on it. Even after I met a lady, who almost drove me insane. We met in a dog art gallery called BBS (Berger Blanc Suisse), owned by a greyhound. It was dedicated to hound paintings, so why the gallery had name of a shepherd still remains a secret to me. The main thing is that lady was in a good dog friendship with that greyhound. I was looking at the portrait of Alaskan Malamute in lace dress, with a helmet on his head.
- Stop, is this a female or male dog?
I was a little bit scared. At the moment lady came up to me saying:
- It looks great, what do you think? An image of modern independence. One of the greatest dog oil paintings.
I still could not understand what does this portrait mean. So I asked her shily:
- I am sorry, is this a lady dog wearing helmet, or a soldier wearing lace dress?
She seemed to be offended.
- Are you feeling okay? Of course, it is a female. She wears such a headwear, because she wants to have equal rights with military dogs. It is a masterpiece of dog art paintings!
I was feeling like a bucket with water has been poured on me. She made me feel silly and lost. It can not be! I got used to the other image of dog portraits in oil. And even after many years passed by, I still can not look at this artwork. It became a famous dog painting, all artists of our Kingdom imitates it. It is no beautiful portrait of a dog to me... to be continued...

© Written by Anna Pishvanova


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Portrait of Dachshunds was created by the artist Maria Pishvanova