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How to Become a Dog Painting Artist? Part II

May 30, 2012

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This time I'm going to tell you the whole truth about how to become a dog painting artist. It doesn't matter what they say - being creative requires hard working. You may choose to be a dog sculpture artist, or a dog miniature artist - all these occupations are serious. Since the early age, residents of Animal Century are taught to love Happy Art. That is why there are some many talented animals. Looking at masterpieces of dog art in museums, we learn how to depict dogs in a really beautiful way. But sometimes, artists prefer following fashion trends. It means, that they do portraits, considering one-minute popular genres. For example, my friend once did very pretty golden retriever portraits. But when she saw works by Marquise de Bull, poor lady artist forgot about her talent and started to draw scandalous dog and cat portraits. She painted dogs in dresses for cats, and cats fighting with lions. All her fans were disappointed, and did not visit any of her dog oil paintings exhibitions. Of course, now she pay much more attention to what she paints. And Marquise de Bull also came to his senses, and started to do classic pet oil portraits.

Dachshund by Dog Painting Artist

What else to say about being a real dog painting artist? Forget about minimalism. Some dogs prefer to draw a one or two lines, give this "artwork" name of a breed and wait for someone, who will buy it for million barks. How naive they are! Yes, Mister Giant Schnauzer is known to be a collector of strange dog paintings. But even he now prefers masterpieces of Happy Art to abstract portraits. So, be honest with yourself and residents of Animal Century. Create beauty, and be real dog painting artist!
My name is Duchess Weena. See you in the next issues of our Gazette!

© Written by Anna Pishvanova


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Portrait of Dachshunds was created by the artist Maria Pishvanova