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King of the Cats. To be or not to be?

January 16, 2012

Hey, cats and kittens of the Animal Century Kingdom!
Have you ever dreamed to be king of the cats? Well, for a one week...We think, that none of you would refuse such an opportunity. Firsty, you would have organised a Ball and invited there the most beautiful cats of our Kingdom...But what would you actually do?

king of the cats

Scootish Fold

I think, that king can do nothing at all. And I like it. I would eat cat food by Monarch Feline all day long. A king has got a lot of money, so he can eat a one pack of food per day. And after a nice meal I would have slept...This is the life!


I think, that a king should visit other cats every day. I would come to different cat princesses. And we would have sat on a couch and meow about romance.


I would have been the bravest cat among kings. No enemies would have came to my land. And I also would have taken over foreign countries. All dogs and cats would have been afraid of me! But not because of that I am angry, but because I am fair and powerful.


I don't want fame and money. And fighting, too. If I were a king, I would have sang cat songs all day and night. And cats from all over the Kingdom would have came to my concerts. By the way, to make the dream come true, a title of a Prince or a Duke is enough. Music is the main thing. Meooow!


I like this idea. I have been dreaming to be husband of a cat queen. Together we would have set laws for animals. And our kittens would have been princes and princesses. That is great!


For what do I need to be king fo the cats? I want to remain what I am now - parachutist. My opinion is that cat kings lead a very boring life. They sit in a palace all day long or just walk around a park. No freedom. And I can fly like a bird. Not every cat is lucky as I am.

© Written by Julia Pishvanova


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