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Little Mastiff. Adventure of Hero Dog

December 19, 2011

There were divine Molosser Heroes in Animal Century Mythology. They performed many labours, that are very celebrated in our Kingdom. The labours were performed in following order:
Mastiff Junior and Dangerous Collar
English Bulldog and Giant Cockroaches
Boxer and Poisonous Frog
And more...

Now read the story about Mastiff Junior.

When the little mastiff was born, his father the mastiff king felt complicated. Of course, he was very happy to have beautiful and healthy puppy born. But the little mastiff was very heavy and the first bed for dogs, where the puppy laid, was broken under his weight. Toys for dogs the puppy broke, too, because his paws were too strong. Favorite toy of the puppy was an ancient statue of the Molosser Queen, that was made from marble and weighted 50 kg.
When the little dog turned 1 year, the king invited into the Palace many guests from different dog counties. Every dog presented to the prince a very special gift. Duke the English Bulldog presented an invisible dog jacket for puppies, Cavalier the Great Dane presented magical vitamins, bringing happiness to dogs, and Graf the Bordeauxdogge presented the toy house for dogs, in which mechanical dogs danced a waltz.
Among plenty of dog gifts, king and queen the mastiffs also observed a beautiful leather collar. This little collar was so gorgeous, that they puted it on the Prince. The collar was embroidered with black pearls and emeralds. It sparkled under the sun with all colours of rainbow. But what was strange...Nobody knew, who presented such a precious gift to a prince.

little mastiff and the dangerous gift

The evening came, and little mastiff peacefully slept in his cosy bed for dogs. The collar was still on him. When the sun went down the horizon and it became dark in the room, collar around puppy's neck changed it's colour. It turned black, and jams on it looked like a shiny scales. Suddenly the collar started to move around puppy mastiff's neck, and transformed into a huge and horrible snake. It wanted to bite a little puppy, but prince mastiff woke up from her loud hissing. He wasn't afraid of the dangerous enemy, and started to roar. A huge snake looked at puppy with her scary and glassy eyes, and tried to mesmer him. But prince mastiff did not want to give up.
Through the whole night little mastiff and a snake fought. But the puppy was stronger. Miracle snake suddenly grew smaller and again transformed into a leather collar. And when the first ray of sun shone the room, the collar turned into a handful of sand. When the puppy saw his enemy defeated, he barked happily and loundly. Such a loud bark made not only the Mastiff King, but all the dogs in palace wake up. When frightened king entered the puppy's room, he saw his son peacefully slepping in his bed. The king and other dogs were very confused, because nobody knew what happened.

It was a real labour of the little puppy, about which knew only he and one more dog in the palace. Angry dog. Who was the villain, presented to the puppy such a dangerous gift we will tell in the second story about mastiff's labours - The Mastiff and Iron Monkeys.

© Written by Julia Pishvanova


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