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Miniature Pinscher Art

January 22, 2012

Hello, beautiful residents and guests of the Animal Century Kingdom! Today we will talk to Lady Miniature Pinscher about soon to be opened Royal Gallery.
It is an occassion, for which dogs, cats and animals have been waiting. And Lady Pinscher, too! She told us about how she participated in creating portraits of our residents, and what is waiting for miniature pinscher art in the future.

miniature pinscher art

Good day, Lady Min Pin! We all can not wait for the Royal Gallery to open!
Me, too! I am really proud to be one the first dogs, whose portraits will appear in the gallery. I was portrayed by the artist Maria Pishvanova, and I must say that was the great experience! I have been interested in art since early puppyhood, so when Palace of Animal Century suggested me to be portrayed, I was endlessly happy. I am really proud to be the part of miniature pinscher art!
Tell us about art in your dog life.
My mummy wanted me to be an artist. I learned visual animal arts in the RCOAC (Royal College of Animal Century - author), and showed unusual ability to paint. I have drawn landscapes of my hometown, and asked my neighbours to pose for portraits. Now painting is just my hobby, because my main occupation is making exclusive miniature pinscher ornaments.
Yes, pocket mirrors with Min Pins are absolutely popular among ladies of our Kingdom! What else do you make?
I wanted my shop to be a kind of art gallery. So, I sell art works, made by my Pinscher friends - dobermans, miniature and affenpinschers. There are always many dogs, who want to buy a one painting, so I also make posters. When portrait of myself will appear in the gallery, I will ask Prince Romeo to give me prints from the painting. A one I will hang on the wall, and another prints will be miniature pinscher gifts for my friends!
How the portrait of yourself was done?
When I came to the studio of Maria Pishvanova, the first question I asked was from the artist in me - how to draw a miniature pinscher? Maria told me, that I will see everything when the portrait will be ready. So, after a month I saw a portrait of unreal beauty and understood, what is a masterpiece of miniature pinscher art. I think that this portrait will teach everybody, how to draw dogs of my breed!
Thank you for the interview, Lady Min Pin! We are sure residents of our Kingdom will like portrait of yourself!
I hope so. I think that the Royal Gallery will amaze dogs, cats and all animals of our Kingdom.

© Written by Anna Pishvanova


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The interview was taken by Lady Affenpinscher at DoberMan Cafe. The portrait of welsh corgi pembroke was created by the artist Maria Pishvanova