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Moonlight Cats. Clothes for a Shining Madame

January 10, 2012

The brand called moonlight cats appeared on the animal clothes market not a long ago. But it already has many clients. More and more cat residents of the Animal Century Kingdom choose suits and dresses by this brand. And today we will ask them, what do they think about cats wearing clothes by Moonlight Cats?

moonlight cats


It's horrible! Have you ever seen anything the same tasteless? They decorate clothes with Siamski crystals! Sparkling cat dress is the last thing I would wear.

Scottish Fold

I am a little afraid to wear sparkling dresses, but anyway I adore clothes by this brand. And also I am a big fan of Madame Earring Sphynx. Do you know this actress? She stars in popular cat movies and became a face of the Moonlight Cats not a long ago. In the honour of it I went to their boutique and bought a dress in her style.


I like dresses by moonlight cats not that much, but when sale starts in their boutique, I buy a few cat t-shirts of dark blue colour. I am a siamese cat, so I think that this colour fit my eyes. Good, that this brand makes not only dresses.

Selkirk Rex

I decided to buy a chic dress for my birthday. I looked through all catalogues of evening dresses and chose a one by moonlight cats. I do not regret about my choice, and everybody to buy dresses by this brand.

So, you have read opinions of some residents of our Kingdom about a brand Moonlight Cats. Anyway, sparkling and bright outfits are really beautiful! And we hope, that there will be a few cat dresses by this shining brand in your wardrobe.

© Written by Julia Pishvanova


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Address of the Moonlight Cats Boutique
Central Hairless Boulevard, 5
Sphynx City, Hairless Cats County
Animal Century Kingdom
the portrait of sphynx was created by the artist Maria Pishvanova