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Museum of Dog and Cat Portraits

May 23, 2012

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Palace of Animal Century opens a competition for the best project of museum with dog and cat portraits. The winner will be named noble animal designer, and also will get a golden statue of herret, decorated with jades.
Right now we have two attendees. Today we want to present their projects. So, the first is Lady Amstaff and her project

Chic Century of Animal Art

Terrier suggested to create a museum, where all rooms will be decorated with gold. She wants to place pet portraits of canvas in giant golden frames.
- In this museum should be exhibited only portraits of the most beautiful cats and dogs. - says the architector.
Also, she thinks that it would be better to sell tickets for a high prices.
- I am not a democratic animal. I want to create the museum of luxury and glamour! And if you like to look at remains of Canadian Sphynx Pyramids, then better go to the museum of ancient animal art...

This is a little bit provocative project. I don't know, if lady Amstaff will find soulmates.
And now let's learn more about the next attendee. It is a cat designer Maine Coon and his

Museum of Unique Pet Portraits

Different from his competitor, maine coon suggests to save money. It is not necessary to decorate the museum with useless furniture. Everything should be modest. The whole budget should be invested in portraits of cats and dogs themselves.
- We must collect paintings of the most talented animal artists! Probably, that would be expensive. But it's worth it!
For example, the plan of cat is to buy pastel portraits of dogs.

Amstaff Dog and Cat Portraits

© Written by Julia Pishvanova


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Portrait of American Staffordshire Terrier was created by the artist Maria Pishvanova