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My Magic Dog Awards

January 12, 2012

A week ago we declared names of nominees of the my magic dog award. A resident, who will get the award will be forever in the history of dog art. But it is not that easy to get on the list of nomenees. A dog artist must paint something really unusual and magical.
Two dogs got to the final of the competition. Here are their names and works they have created.

my magic dog

Portrait of a Young Dog with Centaur
by Mister Maltese the Fairy

Mister Maltese have been working in the dog fantasy style for many years. Many of his works are in private collections and galleries. But among his art there is a one painting, that deserves your attention. This is a portrait of the artists wife - Lady Bolognese. You may ask, why this portrait is extraordinary?
We will tell you. How you guessed by the paitings name, dog is portrayed not alone. You may say, it is impossible...Indeed, in history of the Animal Century Kingdom, nobody could portray a centaur. But Mister Maltese did it!
Why Centaur agreed to come to our Kingdom from the far away Mixed Horses Island, remains hidden. There is an opinion, that distant relatives of the artist was centaurs. But we have serious doubts, because there is nothing similar between Mister Maltese and a centaur. By the way, that is not important. The main thing, that he is nominated on the award. Congratulations!

my magic dog goes to...?

Family Portrait of Forest Dogs
by Irish Setter the Desperate

Among all dog portrait artists there is a one artist, who portrayed forest dogs. While many years no animal of our Kingdom went to the Terrible Forest - home of these dangerous animals. We all know a legend saying that Shepherd IV the King got lost in this forest. And 6 years later Count Chipmunk, who ruled the county of Middle Rodents at the time, got lost there, too. But once, HIM appeared!
An artist Irish Setter, also known as Desperate, decraled to all residents of our Kingdom, that he will not only go to the Terrible Forest, and what is more, he will be back with the family portrait of Forest Dogs!
The dog's speech sounded like delirious. But nobody could stop the brave. Our Kingdom said farewell to the artist. Nobody believed, that he will be back...But after a month he was!
And not alone, but with the promised portrait. It turned out, that forest dogs are very kind creatures and dissapeared animals are just an old legend, that have nothing in common with reality.
We don't know, if irish setter told the truth. To be honest, forest dogs looks horrible: big thangs, shaggy coat and red eyes. But on the other side, under a monster appearance sometimes hides a kind dog heart. Congratulations to the artist, we wish him to win the my magic dog award.

So, there is only two nominees left. Who deserves to be the winner is your decision. Since today you can vote for the dog, whose portrait is the more fairy to you. All information you will find in our Gazette. Hurry up! Votes are accepted only during a one week.

© Written by Julia Pishvanova


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Just after the article was published, we received a letter from the Mixed Horses Island. It's goverment wrote, that nominating Mister Maltese on the award is unfair, because he promised to keep the portrait with his wife and a centaur from dogs' attention. The situation is to be cleared.

The portrait of bolognese was created by the artist Maria Pishvanova