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Newfoundland Dog Art

January 05, 2012

Not a long ago an interesting fact was observed. There is not that much places in the Animal Century Kingdom, where you can buy an authentic newfoundland dog art. And the Newfie Boys band is to blame! After four pretty dogs of newfoundland breed took over hearts of dog residents in the Kingdom, demand on real art of mountain molossers has fallen. Now instead of buying an original painting, dogs just purchase in the internet a newfoundland poster with pretty Newfie Boys, and decorate their homes with it.

newfoundland dog art

But real lovers of newfoundland dog art shouldn't be sad. Everything is not that bad! Newfie Boys band won't be long in the hearts of our dog residents. And when newfoundland dog clip art will go out of style, everybody will go to the dog saloons and galleries again.
And now we want to advice you some places to go for purchasing something with this dog breed.

1. Dog Art Show Canine Art Guild
It is the oldest dog art show in our Kingdom, where you can get a masterpiece. The Corgi Queen once told our Gazette, that most of the paitings hanging in the Palace of Animal Century were purchased at this show.
In the building, where the show takes place once a month, there is also a shop, where you can buy an art print - from newfoundland dog paintings, too.
Address: City of Cane Corso, Green Pug street, 5

2. The Gallery Molosser Mastiff
Many dog artists exhibit their works in this gallery, especially ones with molossers. It is owned by Mister English Mastiff, the very noble resident of Animal Century, whose family have been collecting art with molosser dog breeds since long ago.
While viewing portraits of newfies, that are always exhibited, you can buy a newfoundland dog print, or even an original painting.
Address: Molosser City, Mastiff street 8

3. Antique Shop Rare Types of Dogs
This shop is called like that because it has a really unique collection of dog art. It is not just old, but also really special - where else can you find a plate with an image of ca de bo, strolling with a rabbit in park? It is a very rare type of dog!
Rare things with newfies are also there - for example, a silk pillow of past century with a scene from the opera Newfoundbrand (as you remember, that's a life story of a famous newfie businessman). A great newfoundland dog art, what do you think?
Address: Pinscher City, Boulevard of Micro Doberman

© Written by Julia and Anna Pishvanova



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the portrait of newfoundland is created by the artist Maria Pishvanova. thanks to the art gallery Molosser Mastiff for providing us with a digital image