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Noble Dachshund Art. Interview with Wiener Chevalier

May 09, 2012

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Hello, dear readers! Today we will speak about dachshund art. You know, that there is a one resident in our Kingdom, that dedicates to Happy Art most of his time. Of course, it is Dachshund the Chevalier! He has a great collection of artworks with wiener dogs at home, and everyone in Animal Century knows, that it is something worth looking at. But there is a one problem...You can not look at it. Because chevalier keeps it under key and lock.
Our Gazette, as well as all other residents of the Kingdom, always have been interested WHY. So, we decided to ask the dachshund personally, why masterpieces of dog fine art are hidden.

Dachshund Art

Sir Chevalier, please tell, why we can not look at the most beautiful artworks with dogs of your breed?
Don't blame me for this. You know that I am responsible for sharing artworks with animals not only around our land, but also with foreign countries. Do I have the right to have my own collection of dog paintings...?
But your collection contains very rare ones. For example, such dachshund painting as Long Live the Wiener...
Yes, but this painting belongs to my family. Just as all other. They are treasures to me! I want to tell you a one thing - I plan to exhibit some of them...
Indeed? We are waiting impatiently!
Yes, you will see this portrait, and also dachshund artwork with my grandmother depicted on it.
So, although your family value the collection very much, anyway you decided to show this to the world. This is good news!
Yes, I've been thinking about it, and came to a thought that all dogs animals of our Kingdom should see this beauty.
And what about dachshund prints from these paintings?
Yes, they will be presented for sale - all barks will go to AA&F foundation.
Glad you found time to talk to us. See you at the exhibition of wiener dog art masterpieces!
Yes, I can not wait for the opening, this means very much to me.

© Written by Anna Pishvanova


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Portrait of Dachshund was created by the artist Maria Pishvanova